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Hi, Robert.

Intercession is a priestly function. It seeks to make supplication to God on behalf of those who are unable or unwilling to do so. Intercession is the pleading to God for mercy, grace, and forgiveness of the people for whom we are praying.

There are many examples of this in Scripture — from Melchizedek to Moses; from David to Daniel; from Jeremiah to Jesus; and from each of the apostles.

We are told that our prayer accomplishes a great deal when offered up in righteousness (James 5:6b). That righteousness must be unwavering (v1:6) and made manifest in good works and in the avoidance of faults (v2:24).

Obviously, the person praying must be in right standing with God, for righteousness does not exist outside of God’s eternal purpose. The new creature demonstrates his transformation in a growing love of God, a growing love of the brethren, and a growing love of the Word. Many are those who will still be called to Christ. Thus, we care deeply for those who are still imprisoned in sin — those who will one day be brethren. We ask that God would open the eyes of their mind to the glorious gospel of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Continue to search the Word for those things that will bolster your prayers; always asking the Lord to grant you yourself His mercy, grace, and compassion. Why not start with a study of Ephesians? In it Paul often breaks out in prayer and praise.

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