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Brainboost-A Question Answering Search Engine

By Wendy Boswell. Web Search Expert

Wendy Boswell has been the editor of About Web Search since 2004. She has worked closely as a digital consultant with several Fortune 500 companies, including the New York Times, Intel, IBM, and IAC; as well as several start-ups and local non-profits. Wendy has written exclusively for Lifehacker, Search Engine Journal, and Mashable, has been featured as a search engine expert by Poynter Online and PBS, and is regularly quoted in major media publications including Wired, TechSpot, Dr.Dobbs Software, and Forbes.

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After all, there are other search engines out there ( ) that have tried the natural language question answering thing. But BrainBoost really seems to have a good handle on actually delivering relevant answers. There s no sorting through hundreds of results with BrainBoost; your questions are answered with real answers here. It s really the next logical step for search engines in general to go to, in my opinion.

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