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Our Business Intelligence Dashboard Gallery

Private Practice

This dashboard is made for any private practice who is looking to optimise its resources allocation and patients care quality. It includes key indicators such as average time spent per per consultation and patient satisfaction.

Pharma Sales

Sales performance by customer with ordered, shipped and delivered quantities as well as a comparison between the revenue and target. Filtering by products, customers and locations.

Pharma Sales Force Analysis

Sales force effectiveness on a month by month basis with number of rep visits and calls, and generated sales. Can be filtered by year, month, rep and location.

Pricing Supply

This dashboard tracks the supply chain performance for every product category and shows how an increase or a decrease of a product price could affect the sales over time.

Financial Controlling

Your company financial status summed up in one dashboard including all relevant indicators per business unit: available assets, gross and net profit margins and debt ratios.

Monthly Financials

Key financial indicators to help every business track the actuals against budget for their sales, the expenses by category and overall profitability. It also includes the cash flow projection.

Financial Performance

The dashboard displays financial KPIs for the current year like activity value by payment type, benchmark or cash position. A comparison between amounts that come from electronic or paper payments and filtering by location and subsidiary is also possible.

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