Challenge: To help cut costs and time to market, most web hosting companies

outside vendor must be contacted for a solution. That vendor would then contact the developer, who in most cases is located in another country. If the developer feels the request has merit, they would implement a solution and release a patch. Due to so many parties being involved in the process, the amount of time from the initial request to a final solution could be days if not months.

Solution: We have developed our own control panel. and assembled all of the software powering our servers from the ground up. Many of its features are unique, and are not available anywhere else. Our blazing fast webmail has more features than most desktop email clients, and includes proprietary spam filtering technology which keeps junk mail away while

making sure good messages are delivered at virtually the same time they are sent. A dedicated team of in-house developers maintains our software, with a large portion of their time being devoted to security enhancement and new product development. When a new feature is created or an upgrade is released, our proprietary Rapid Update utility instantly updates every server at virtually the same time. This technology enables us to perform software upgrades within minutes across our entire network of servers (click here to see the upgrades we have done within the past year). The ability to provide real time solutions in direct response to market demands gives us an unmatched advantage over our competition. We always stand behind our product, and are committed to making it better, one idea at a time.

Click here for a sample of websites currently hosted, and see what customers are saying about our service.

Click here for a random sample of websites currently hosted. Click here to see what customers are saying about our service.

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