CISA Exam Dates 2018: Don – t Miss the Deadline ( Early Discount),

CISA Exam Dates 2018: Don t Miss the Deadline (+ Early Discount)

The CISA exam is held three times each year: the second Saturdays in June and December, as well as that in September in selected locations.

To ensure you have enough time for studying and preparation, it is important to understand the CISA exam dates and schedule.

CISA Exam Dates 2017

With the new exam in 2016, scheduling has become more flexible but the exam fee has gone up considerably.

CISA Exam Dates 2018

Exam date change requests:

  • Rescheduling: must be done within 1-2 weeks after the final registration date at least 48 hours prior to exam time. No fees will be charged.
  • Deferral: deferral deadline is the last day of each exam window. It can be arranged, with processing fees of $50 or $100 $200.

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Inaash Birdi says

I am looking to take the CISA Certification exam in December 2017.

However, I was wondering what specific dates are available for December?

The CISA exam is now changed to a test window (from Nov 1 to Dec 31) instead of one specific date. It is a lot more flexible now.

Will the exam be online?

Hi Evan, the exam is computerized and you can take it in hundreds of locations around the world. Here is a list of current locations for your info:

hi stephanie on that list i dont see Tanzania

Hi Robert, maybe you can check with ISACA on this then? Their official site is here:

hi, I wish to take cisa exam in June 2017, still haven t registered for it, am I still eligible for registration?

henry sang says

Am a new candidate and would wish to register as a member and for exams in December 2017.

I would wish to have the rates for the above registration and exam centers

The registration fee could be slightly different depending on the country you register.

Hi Goodevening. I am looking at taking the exams this September twenty seventeen.

1. Can I still register to become a member and then register for the exams?

2. When exactly in September will the exam hold?

3. Since its CBT will results be out immediately am done with the exams?

4. How much to register as a member and then how much to register for exams?

Thanks in anticipation

Should be fine? The registration won t start until May 1 for the September window. On the fees, please check out the first link under the for your reference heading.

When does the early deadline for Aug-Sept window closes?

Hi TIm, I can t find the info either, odd isn t it I will keep checking the official site these few days.

But if the Aug-Sep application opens tomorrow (May 1), I would just plan to register before May 13. In the last May-Jun testing window, there were 13 days between first day of registration and the early registration deadline.

Thanks! appreciate your help.



I wish to know, is it possible to be considered for the December exams now?

On average how long does it take a candidates to prepare for this exam?

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We will be glad to welcome you.

want to appear in Nov-Dec 2017 slot. Still not registered. What is the last date of registration?

Hi Saumen, last registration date is Dec 20, 2017.

When can I register to take the CISA test in January 2018? A lot of testing sites have the January testing dates already published. Thanks.

Finally, some updates from the website

It looks to me that Jan 2018 is a black-out date for the CISA exam. First available testing date is Feb 1 and registration starts tomorrow on Dec 1.

I wanna resgister for CISA exam for this window ( Nov Dec 2017) but I can t see early bird last day on the website and this delays my registration as the dates I was targeting to sit for the exam are about to be over. Please assist

I am also quite confused with the CISA dates lately. I ll take a further look and hopefully able to clarify things further.

Did you try calling them directly? Stephanie

Good day Stephanie,

I haven t tried them on the phone but I did send them an email four days ago and I am still waiting for their response.

Thank you in advance.

I am not winning regarding my previous email and I am running out time, the ISACA SA Charter is not responding either.

I do not what to do now.

Hmmm let me see what I can do.

Hello, I can t locate the early bird date either, but I suspect that it s over (because in the earlier testing windows, they did specify the time if it was still valid).

Registration for the new 2018 testing window will be available tomorrow on Dec 1. This is most likely an early bird date if you are interested in catching the discount. First date of testing in 2018 is Feb 1.

Jonathan Ikeolumba says

Hello, I am in Nigeria. Can I make the December 2017 exams?

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