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For Cisco Email Security. you can just use and order the part number licenses ESA-ESI-LIC=, ESA-ESO-LIC= or ESA-ESP-LIC= for the users and the Cisco Email Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) license is included on any of the following bundles:

ESA-ESI-LIC= Protects an organization s mailboxes against spam, viruses, and targeted attacks (Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus + Outbreak Filters);includes license for Email Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) – USD 40.02/user

ESA-ESO-LIC= Helps satisfy compliance requirements by providing easy-to-use encryption and DLPsolutions.(DLP+ Encryption);includes license for Email Security Virtual Appliance (ESAV) – USD 40.87/user

ESA-ESP-LIC= Combines Inbound and Outbound protection to provide a complete email security solution (Inbound + Outbound);includes license for Email Security Virtual Appliance(ESAV) – USD 66.84/user

Please note that the minimun number of users that you can order is 100.

Here there is the link for the Cisco Email and Web Security Ordering Guide:

Aditionally, on the Cisco Email Security Appliances Data Sheet states the following:

“A Cisco ESAV license is included for all Cisco Email Security software bundles: Cisco Email Security Inbound, Cisco Email Security Outbound, or Cisco Email Security Premium bundle. This license has the same term as the other software services in the bundle and can be used for as many virtual instances as needed, as long as you stick to the purchased user count. The Cisco ESA licenses are included in all Cisco Email Security software bundles. Just purchase the appropriate licenses for the number of mailboxes you need to support, then buy the appropriate on-premises appliances. For virtual appliances, simply order the software licenses to get entitlement.”

Cisco Email Security Appliances Data Sheet – Table 4. Cisco ESAV Specifications

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