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General Studies

I joined the police force to serve my community and, after I was wounded in the line of duty, I wanted to continue to serve. I chose GS and moved to New York because I really feel that, i.. width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />
The Columbia Ballet Collaborative was founded in 2007 by five professional ballet dancers enrolled at the School of General Studies, and its members now include students from all three of the Un.. width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />
Columbia University s Morningside Campus sits at 116th Street and Broadway in New York City. It houses the three undergraduate schools the School of General Studies, Columbia College. width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />
Low Memorial Library was completed in 1897 and served as the main library until 1934. Today this landmark building functions as the administrative center of the University and houses the offices.. I love Seneca s letters because they re written in the spirit in which I was educated in my family not to look for fame and fortune, but to have a simple, honest, honorable life.. At GS I encountered professors and mentors who were keen and honest observers of the world they inhabit. I attended classes with an amazing variety of people, all of whom have enriched my lif.. My background is in blues and rock, but studying at Columbia has enriched my horizons: the one-on-one contact with world-class professors, small classes, legendary facilities, and thought-pro.. Eager to further my education, I applied to GS because I could not imagine myself studying anywhere else and began in the spring of 2006, attending part time. Three years later, I took some t.. After leaving the military I knew I wanted to pursue the best education possible. Initially I thought a school like Columbia was out of my league, until I attended a regional information sess.. width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />

In honor of Veterans Day 2015, Columbia University School of General Studies student-veterans participated in the Veterans Day Parade.

When I decided to return to school I was set on having the full experience that I d been seeking the first time, but began to think it wasn t possible for someone with a background li.. ve developed my creative.. ve always enjoyed studying politics, so majoring in political science seemed like excellent preparation for a career in law enforcement. But I ve also enjoyed sampling some of t.. ?>

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