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Pinhole in copper pipe

Pinhole in copper pipe

I have a pin hole in a 3/4″ copper water pipe. The pipe is amongst the floor/ceiling joists between the 1st 2nd floor. Normally a person can cut the pipe at the pinhole and solder in a coupling. But because of proximity to a joist and a tee fitting, I don’t think there is enough “give” in the pipeing to get the coupling on the pipe without damageing the pipe.
What if I cut the coupling in half (lengthwise) and soldered it over the pin hole. Can this be done?

Necessity is the mother of invention. sometimes you do what you have to do.

I can’t believe I’m about to suggest this, as I usually go with the “proper fix” (which would be removal/replacement) – but, if it’s a single pinhole – you can purchase a “leak repair clamp” which is in essence, a hose clamp with a slice of rubber inside the strap that fits over your pipe, the rubber covers the hole, and when you tighten it down – stops the leak. I’ve used them in the past – and they actually work.

You don’t need much give in the pipe. You can buy slip couplings that slide all the way on to the pipe. They don’t have a stop like most couplings.

If that won’t work, cut out a small section of the pipe and use two slip couplings. Slide the couplings on the cut out piece, put it back in place and slide the couplings over the joint. Solder both joints.

If you use a slip coupling be sure to mark the pipe so you know you have enough engagement.

I could cut out about 3″max. Then use 2 slip couplings.
I went back to Menards today. Returned 2 couplings with the dimples. They were $.44 Monday. $67 today.

Then I’ll need some kind of heat shield. Maybe this unused aluminum baking pan.
The clamp would probably be easier.
How about that 2-part epoxy sealant. Does that stuff really work?

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