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When You Need Proven Legal Representation, You Call Plano, TX Criminal Defense Attorney DWI Lawyer Kent Starr

Fact: not every criminal defense attorney or law firm in Plano gets you the same legal outcome.

The truth is two different lawyers often get you wildly different results – even if they theoretically represent you for the same crime.

For example, take a look at this case. Criminal defense attorney Kent Starr helped this client, accused of manslaughter (which has a 2-20 year prison sentence by the way), go home a free person.

Here’s how the story goes:

A certain client (we have to protect their confidentiality) approached Kent for legal representation. This client was accused of killing another individual in Collin County, TX.

This client was charged with criminally negligent homicide (has a 180-day to 2-year sentence). The client actually admitted involvement with the death of another person. However, the client did not believe their actions amounted to criminally negligent homicide. Kent agreed with the client on this, and thought a prison sentence for their actions was completely outrageous.

So, Kent discussed the charge of criminally negligent homicide with the Collin County district attorney – and it didn’t go well. In fact, the district attorney was so outraged over Kent’s arguments that he actually increased the charge to manslaughter (which has a 2-20 year prison sentence).

Now, most inexperienced lawyers, and some experienced ones who’d rather just collect a check, would have immediately sought a plea deal. That could have sent the client to prison for several years!

But based on his 17+ years of legal experience, Kent knew the district attorney hoped to intimidate him. He planned to get the client to agree to a plea deal.

However, Kent strongly believed this client did not deserve to go to prison. He even did extensive legal research on other similar cases and found those individuals also did not go to jail.

He presented that research to the district attorney and the judge, but they still thought the client should go to jail!

Rather than back down, Kent took the case to trial. He presented the same legal research he showed before to the jury. After an intense, stressful, and draining 1-week trial, the jury agreed with Kent: the client was “not guilty” of manslaughter!

That’s the difference an experienced passionate, attorney makes. While an associate, inexperienced, or uncaring criminal defense attorney would just give up, take a plea deal, and send the client to prison for a few years, Kent fought until this person went home free – just like they deserved!

Why Hire Plano, TX Criminal Defense DWI Attorney Kent Starr?

Kent’s personal level of passion is incredibly difficult to match. You see, he’s always been a ferociously aggressive guy. During law school, he fought as a Golden Gloves boxer and earned a first degree black belt. He doesn’t fight physically anymore, but he does put that aggressive nature to use for you in the courtroom!

Don’t let that scare you off, though. Kent understands the difficult time you’re going through. In person, he’s caring and takes time to understand all the challenges you face with your criminal charges. He also has a great sense of humor to help you dissolve some of your tension.

And when you hire him, you get his undivided attention. He personally does all the work on your case. If you hire attorneys from larger law firms, they may oversee your case, but many times they hire inexperienced associate lawyers to do the legwork. Sometimes, those associate lawyers also argue on your behalf in trial!

And if you want more proof of Kent’s legal credentials, just Google “Kent Starr attorney.” Clients and colleagues alike only have the highest praise to offer.

Get Your Free Consultation Today!

Make no mistake about it – Kent’s not the type of lawyer who gets guilty criminals off of charges based on legal technicalities. He’s the high-integrity type of lawyer who helps you get the just legal outcome you deserve.

Once he understands all the facts of your case, he’ll let you know exactly what he can and cannot do for you. Regardless of your personal circumstances, Kent does guarantee he will do everything in his power to get you the best legal outcome possible.

  • Are you facing criminal charges that could put you in prison for years?
  • Do you face minor charges, like a speeding ticket or marijuana possession?
  • Did another lawyer give you a legal opinion you’re not happy with?

You can’t afford to waste any time. Plano law enforcement officials start building their case against you the minute (or sometimes weeks or months before) they arrest you.

If any of these, or other situations apply to you, call Plano, TX criminal defense attorney Kent Starr at (469) 500-5000 today or contact him online.

Payment plans are available to make your legal expenses affordable.

Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Just Plead Guilty to the Crime I’m Accused Of?

You can do whatever you want. But remember, a criminal conviction, even a simple misdemeanor, includes long-term consequences. You may find it difficult, or impossible, to get a job. You may also:

  • Lose your professional license
  • Have your name in local headlines
  • Lose respect from your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors
  • Spend several years in jail and pay thousands in fines
  • Lose access to federal student aid

The reality is that, while you think you are guilty of your charges, your personal judgment and the law are two different things. You may be able to plead to lesser charges, or even get your case dismissed or get a “not guilty” jury decision.

Does my Old Criminal Record Matter?

This depends on many factors. Kent recognizes that youth, mental illness, and drug or alcohol addiction could have played a much larger role in your life in years past. It’s his goal to show the judge the person you are now – not the one you were decades ago.

If I’m Arrested, How Soon Should I Act?

You should act as soon as you have your chance to make your phone call. The longer you delay, the harder it is to prove your innocence in court.

And if you ve been arrested, sometimes law enforcement officials have already been building their case against you for months. So, you’re already behind.

Juries also generally assume innocent people act quickly and don’t hesitate (whether that’s true or not).

Do I Have to Be Careful When Calling from Prison?

Yes, very careful. You do have a right to a private phone call. However, in some prisons legal authorities notify you verbally, or via a sign (or both), that your call is being recorded. You can also ask them if they’re recording your call.

They can use what you say against you in court if you have been notified. If they are recording your phone call, contact your criminal defense attorney and ask them to meet you in person.

How Much Trial Experience Should My Lawyer Have?

Believe it or not, many lawyers want to avoid trials because they’re not comfortable in them. The lawyer you end up hiring should have at least 10 years of experience and have been in 40-50 trials. That way, you know they know all the ins and outs of the legal system.

What Types of Questions Should I Ask Attorneys?

There’s several to ask to make sure you’re working with the right one. Some of the most important ones:

  • Do you have experience defending my specific charges?
  • What percentage of your cases includes charges similar to mine?
  • What kind of relationship do you have with the prosecutor’s office?
  • What are the potential defenses you’re going to use to defend my case?
  • Which facts of my case work for and against my innocence?
  • How does the entire process work?
  • How many trials have you been in?
  • What’s your current caseload?
  • Who actually does the work on my case? Is that you or do other lawyers help?
  • Do you charge a flat or hourly rate?
  • How do you want your fees paid?
  • What additional legal expenses will I have to pay?
  • Do you have some cases similar to mine that you could discuss?

How Do I Know Which Attorney to Hire?

Now that you ve addressed those questions, here are some to ask yourself so you end up making the right hire:

  • Which attorney makes me feel the most confident?
  • Which one was the most experienced with charges similar to mine?
  • Who has a fair, clear fee structure?
  • Whose defense strategy makes the most sense?

If you face criminal charges of any kind, call Plano, TX criminal defense DWI attorney Kent Starr today at (469) 500-5000.


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