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setup smtp server

Setup smtp server

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DavMail Setup as a standalone server

Prerequisite : Sun JRE 5, 6 or 7 or OpenJDK 6 or 7.

Davmail Gateway can run in server mode as a gateway between the mail client and Exchange server through Outlook Web Access and/or EWS. In server mode Davmail can run on any Java supported platform. This mode was tested successfully with Iphone and Android phones and should work with any equipment with POP/IMAP/SMTP/LDAP/Caldav/Carddav client. In this mode many users can share the same DavMail instance.

Download the noinstall package for Windows or platform independent DavMail package from Sourceforge and uncompress it with your favorite tool, e.g. on Linux: unzip davmail-*.zip.

Prepare a davmail.properties file according to your local needs :

See Getting started for more information on the options. Make sure davmail.server is set to true (no icon tray) and allow remote connections: davmail.allowRemote=true.

To disable a service, set an empty port value.

Launch Davmail with the following command:

Then check messages:

Register DavMail windows service

A new WinRun4J davmailservice.exe wrapper is available in the windows package.

To register DavMail as a windows service, use:

OSX LaunchDaemon

To launch DavMail on OSX with LaunchDaemon, you may try the following user provided script:

DavMail Setup as a JEE Web Application

Prerequisites : Sun JRE 5, 6 or 7 or OpenJDK 6 or 7 and any JEE compliant web container

Davmail Gateway can now be deployed in any JEE application server using the war package. In this mode, DavMail listener threads run inside the application server and follow the web application lifecycle (start, stop, deploy, undeploy). The following items describe Tomcat deployment, details will vary according to the specific application server available.

Download the war DavMail package from Sourceforgedavmail-*.war, and deploy it inside the application server. In Tomcat, this means copy the war file to the webapps directory. If Tomcat is started and automatic deployment enabled (this is the default configuration), the package is automatically uncompressed and started.

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