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To prevent tooth decay it is important to keep a well-routined oral hygiene program and also visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and oral exams.

Dentures for young people are seldom recommended if the teeth can be taken care of by means of conservative treatment, crowns, or if they can be replaced

Pain after anesthesia is not very common, since the post-operative pain is more likely due to the actual intervention or surgery done by the dentist, but

There are several myths and opinions about how to whiten your teeth on your own, that is, without professional help from your dentist or your dental hygienist.

Repair broken teeth can be a challenge since broken teeth often show great loss of tooth substance. If a large enough piece of the tooth breaks off, it

During pregnancy, one wishes to do everything to keep the baby safe and sound. When the mother needs dental care, it is usually wise to wait until the

Tooth sensitivity treatment is a common treatment among dentists, but it is also a tricky treatment, since the symptoms varies a lot among the patients.

When you have a tooth with a root canal, it’s easy to think that this particular tooth with do you no harm. It should have been this way, but if the tooth

Recurring Tooth Ache is a common problem in teeth with deep cavities, infractions or even crowns. One of the readers has a question about whether he

I got a question about changes in the oral mucosa, from a person struggeling with brown patches in mouth. “I’ve had brown patches inside my cheeks

Some patients experience pain after root canal treatment . One of the readers has a question about it: I had a root canal done 1 1/2 years ago, and

A new tooth growing One of the younger readers submitted a question today: I got something that feels like another tooth is growing beside the way

Brown teeth problem. One of the reader has submitted a question about a common problem: The lower four teeth in my boyfriend’s mouth are brown on

What is normal braces coverage if you have a dental insurance ? Naomi sent us this question : If you have insurance do you still have to pay

What causes jaw pain ? I received a question from one of the readers concerning jaw pain. Dear Dentist, I am experiencing a strange painful sensation

I received a question from one of the readers, Marius in Oslo. He has a problem with white spots in mouth : Dear Dentist, I struggle with tender

We received this question, concerning the Snap on Smile procedure. What does the snap on smile procedure cost and what is involved? The Snap

After a root canal treatment and before a crown is put on the dentist may suggest that a dental post will be part of the treatment for a successful outcome.

Tetracycline stained teeth is not uncommon and is due to the incorporation of tetracycline to dentin (tooth bone) during the formation of the teeth. If

Dear dentist Hey, it’s me again, the same lady worrying about the white spots my daughter has. You said that it might be caries, that is really worrying

When should my baby discontinue using the pacifier? A lot of parents find it hard to brake the habit using a pacifier, and they are also not sure about

First molars eruption in children can sometimes give symptoms in form of redness, swollen gingiva and in rare cases fever. The eruption of the permanent

During pregnancy, physically a lot of things changes. This is also true in the oral cavity! A lot of women experience a greater caries activity than earlier;

Brown spots in between teeth are usually either carious cavities, discolorated calculus, severe forms of dental fluorosis, different stains or other, more

X-rays of teeth is a very important part of dental examination and treatment. X-rays of teeth is necessary for seeing what’s inside the teeth and what’s

Dental implants are getting better and better, and a bridge of implants is now a good alternative to a full upper prothesis. Eddy from Florida has a question

Braces for teeth is getting more and more common in western society today, for functional reasons but quite often for esthetics only. A lot of people worry

Pain with braces is common, though can it be extreamly annoying. Mouth sores, aphtous ulcers, cuts from the brackets and pain from the jaw are usual sensations,

A reader has a concern regarding lower jaw pain: A couple of days ago my mouth started hurting. At first I thought I had a cavity but I used one of

Treatment for worn teeth can be both a question of saving the last bit for your worn teeth as much as it is a question about estetics and function. Recently

The eruption of wisdom teeth can be very painful and annoying. A lot of patients experience the so-called pericoronitis, which is a inflammation due to

Loss of teeth often results in atrophia of the jaw; when there are no teeth in the area the bone gets thinner due to resorption. When there is little bone

Broken teeth is a problem that may or may not cause pain. Nevertheless, it is wise to let the dentist have a look at the teeth involved, since teeth that

White spots on teeth can be caused by either inheritary developmental errors or to tooth diseases. One of the readers asked: “Is it normal for the anterior

Teeth whitening veneers: Veneers versus tooth whitening? Is this a question you have had to ask yourself concering what dental treatment to choose? One

Teeth veneers – what is essential and how many do you really need for a full smile? Emma from Rome asks: Hi there, I have recently paid £2000 to have

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