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Stephan Lammel. Assistant Professor of Neurobiology, is one of the seven biomedical scientists named Rita Allen Foundation Scholars whose research holds exceptional promise for revealing new pathways to advance human health. Stephan will examine the mechanisms by which chronic stress can lead to depression.

Work performed in HHMI Investigator and MCB Professor of Neurobiology Yang Dan’s lab, in collaboration with labs from UCSF, Stanford, and other institutions identifies the sleep-active and sleep-promoting neurons in the preoptic area of the hypothalmus using neural projection tracing tools.

Assistant Professor Polina Lishko has been named one of the three Rose Hill Innovators on the UC Berkeley campus for her work on “Molecular basis of the age-related reproductive decline in females.”

Longtime MCB visiting scholar, Dr. Ian Gibbons, has received the prestigious Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine, awarded each year by the Shaw Prize Foundation of Hong Kong.


The Department of Molecular Cell Biology (MCB) is home to Undergraduate and Graduate academic programs as well as Faculty Research performed by faculty organized in five divisions:

As a department, we are committed to supporting all our members and increasing the representation of historically under-represented groups in our community. See MCB Diversity for more information.


Grad Student Profile

Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology

Undergraduate Profile

Immunology Pathogenesis

What is your favorite class?
My favorite MCB class has been MCB 150 (Molecular Immunology). The class is structured to help you understand the basis of immunology and then challenges you to apply that knowledge to common diseases that we’ve all heard of. It’s very exciting to read a news article about these diseases we’ve just learned about in class and be able to incorporate our foundational knowledge of immunology with the real world application of medical treatment and vaccines.

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