Deribasovskaya Lux 1 Bedroom ID 20 #ask #jeebes

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Deribasovskaya Lux 1 Bedroom ID 20

Запросите бронирование Забронируйте мгновенно

Единовременная плата, взимаемая хозяином для покрытия расходов на уборку жилья

Это сбор, взимаемый Airbnb

Это комиссия, которую берет Airbnb, включая НДС


We are a leading apartment rental agency specializing in short and long term rentals – staffed with a team of professionals based in Kiev and Odessa Ukraine. We own and manage 218 exclusive, high quality apartments located in Kiev and Odessa Ukraine. We also provide full range of realty services including short and long term rentals, real estate consulting, logistical support, Airport transfers, train station transfers, entertainment planning and much more.

Our offices are located in the center of the city and we are happy to assist you with any matters be it your apartment selection or simply advise on best restaurant in town. Many of our former clients have become our friends and we invite you to visit our office and share a cup of coffee with us during your stay in Ukraine. We are always happy to get our client’s feedback on how our services can be improved further. We are confident after staying with us – you will never consider a Hotel stay in Ukraine again. Our apartment’s value, comfort and location beats it in every way.

Our emphasis is on customer service and attention to details. Our goal is to make your stay in Ukraine as comfortable as possible. We also guarantee that our rates are the lowest for any specific apartment that you choose.

As for myself, I love traveling, spending time with my family and playing pretty much any sport possible, particularly soccer, tennis and skiing.

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