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Welcome to the DIY Doctor forum. We are one of the UK’s leading DIY Forums with a huge range of information and users who are actively posting and answering questions.

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Once registered you can log in to any of our many forums and post questions for any topic, and answer others’ questions. You can browse the topics to find advice without registering, but you won’t be able to post a question.

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General Building Forums

These are the building forums that are available for you to post questions and review answers to other people’s questions

Planning, Perpetrations and Financial Forums for DIY Projects

Find information about how to start your projects and how to pay for them in these forums dedicated to preparing, planning and researching your project:

Plumbing, Heating and Waste Forums

These are forums that are dedicated to providing answers to specific plumbing and central heating questions and some bathroom related questions. In includes the following:

Electrical and Wiring Forum

This is the section that contains all the information about electrical and wiring projects:

Groundwork, Gardening, Decking and Outdoor work

These forums cover the project that you’ll tackle outside in the garden or whilst carrying out ground works:

Floors, Walls and Dealing with Damp

Find information about flooring and coverings or all aspects of walls. Also find out how you can prevent damp problems:

Glazing: Conservatories, Window and Door Forums

Find specific information about glazing solutions including doors, windows and conservatories:

Roofing Forums

These are forums specifically for roofing information and where you can get your roofing questions answered:

Interiors and Decorating

These forums contain a lot of information about how to decorate you homes and what styles you could consider:

Brick, Blockwork, Stonework and Masonry Forums

Research aspects of stone and brickwork in these dedicated forums:

Carpentry and Joinery Forum

Find out information about joinery and carpentry or post any questions that you might have:

Metal Work Forums

These forums contain information and questions that have been posted about working with metal, ironmongery and how to work with metal:

Tools, Clothing and Safety Equipment Forums

Here are a range of forums dedicated to the tools that are used by tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, including clothing and safety equipment that is available:

Renewable Energy Forum

Learn about renewable energy and ask your questions about how you can become a little more ″green″:

Other interesting Information and Administration

Enter competitions, win prizes and have your say about the DIY Doctor Forums or website. Get involved and take part:

About the DIY Doctor Forum

The DIY Doctor Forum is moderated. This means that DIY Doctor and our dedicated band of moderators will approve posts before they appear on the Forum to ensure that potentially dangerous advice isn’t posted. We also like to keep in clean and aim to ensure that we are offering people constructive (excuse the pun!) and respectful information.

Like the rest of the site, there is no charge for the information that is published here, which is why we do display some advertisements which help to cover the cost of running the website and the forum.

To view any of the information in this forum simply click into the Forum Index.

We will respond to everyone once we have an adequate answer.

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