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I like to ask one or two fairly casual questions about current “stuff ” in the company. This might be a question about their newest product. Or it might be a question about an emerging market I know they’re exploring. Or I might ask if they have a major release of product X coming up.

(I mostly learned this from interviewees asking these types of questions to me.)

I think one reason this works well is because people love to talk about what they’re currently working on, or what’s new and interesting in their company. It gives them a chance to feel knowledgeable and end the interview on a high note.

Another reason I think it works well is it shows interest on your part in what the company’s up to. And, depending on what all went on in the interview, it may give a sense that you did some research into the company beforehand (you did, didn’t you?), and have a sort of unique interest in what the company does.

Perhaps more than the above, I think it’s good to not drop any “heavy” questions at this stage. My best interviews (giving and taking) have always wrapped up on a relatively light, conversational, friendly note.

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