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Free Online Doctors Excuse Documents Templates

  • A doctors excuse or doctor’s note is basically a piece of paper stating you have been to see a doctor at some point in time. Some employers require them when you return to work if you have been absent for an extended period of time. A doctors excuse may be required by a students school before they can return to school or to excuse an absence. Most state laws only allow for very few unexcused absence before the parents are consulted about the number of days a student has be out sick or removed from class.
  • Some people resort to using a fake doctors excuse to get out of work or school or court or some other obligation they were not present for. There could be many negative consequences for an individual that gets caught using a fake doctors excuse. You could get fired and lose everything your have worked for including your 401 and any kind of severance package or benefits. If you are in College you could be kicked out, given a failing grade or worse. You could also be put on academic probation just to name a few. There are a few web sites and blogs that spread hype about one companies fake doctors excuses. What this company is doing is illegal. They just have not been prosecuted yet, but they are currently under a criminal investigation so our sources tell us. So the person seeking a fake doctors excuse should avoid these sites no matter how much they show up on the search engine results. They claim to have the best fake doctors notes on the net.

    If you’re going to resort to using a fake doctor’s excuse note or form to get out of work or school or jury duty or whatever it is you’re trying to avoid going to, there are certain important tips you need to know about before creating a fake doctor’s excuse from a doctor’s note template.

    It is best to use a simple doctor’s excuse note template to create your fake doctor’s note. This is because doctors don’t usually print out fancy excuse notes with crazy logos and pretty pictures.

    First you’ll need to download your free doctor’s excuse template.

    In the phone number section of the doctor information you should put the phone number of a friend or relative. It doesn’t really matter because it’s a fake doctor’s note right? So let’s just say you put your mom’s phone number on this fake doctor’s note.

    The reason why you were there is private information and cannot be shared with anyone as per HIPAA regulations.

    Enter the patient information in the spaces provided in the free doctor’s excuse template.

    Sounds pretty simple huh? So, good luck to you on creating your fake doctor’s excuse note with a free fake doctor’s excuse note template.

    A doctors Excuse Note may be required by a College if a student is to make up for work with a deadline like exams and other important class work assignments. In this case a doctors excuse would excuse the student from the exam or other important event or school work and the student would have a chance to re schedule the exam and be given an extended period of time to complete any assignment due during the range of the doctors excuse letter.

    A doctors note has just a few bits of information about your visit because you are entitled to a right of medical privacy. HIPPA laws protect your medical rights to privacy. A doctors excuse is usually given to someone of authority.

    Our doctor’s excuse templates were designed to be used as actual medical return to work and school excuses issued by doctor’s to their day to day patients. They are fully customizable, fill in the blank, printable and re-useable. Save time and money by printing these doctor’s excuse templates as you need them.

    Download them once and use them over and over again every time you need to print a doctor’s excuse for your patients. Our doctor’s excuse templates kit is perfect for creating an authentic doctor’s excuse for practicing physicians. Many web sites however sell what others would describe as a fill in the blank fake doctor’s excuse or fake doctor’s note for missing or returning to work or school. These are illegal and will get the person trying to pass these so called fake doctors excuses off will either get fired, expelled, or in some other type of legal trouble.

    Our doctor’s excuse notes kit comes with the most common types of doctor visit excuses. You get 5 doctor’s excuse templates in all with a complete set of instructions for using each of the fill in the blank templates.

    Each Doctor’s Excuse Kit includes the templates below.

    A doctors excuse note is not a random or fake doctors excuse note excusing you from missing work or school. When using our free doctors excuse template, please make sure to include a phone number in which someone can be reached to verify the doctor’s excuse. It is against the law for your employer to ask your doctor(s) about any specific details of your doctor’s visit, your diagnosis or treatment plans. Please visit the HIPPA link below to learn more about your rights to medical privacy.

    There are four elements every doctors excuse note should contain:

    1. The doctors contact information: Name – Address – Phone Number.

    2. The date the doctor’s excuse note was generated.

    3. The name of the patient or subject under the doctor’s care.

    4. A Certification of Medical Consultation.

    Simply stated the doctor’s excuse certification must show that the patient was seen or advised by a doctor for a particular date or time period is usually all that is necessary. However, a doctor’s excuse may also include instructions or conditions as to when to return to work and under what conditions or restrictions you should follow upon your return. It is usually not a good idea to include much, if any, information about what the patient may have been seen for. This helps compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and medical privacy regulations.

    A doctors excuse note can protect you from many negative consequences of missing work or scheduled legal obligation. They may be appropriate whenever you need to document absences from work or school. They can also be used to be excuse an individual from things like jury duty, or court hearings. Depending on your employer, a doctor’s excuse may not actually excuse your absence from work, but may allow you to utilize your paid sick time or other medical leave or vacation time. A doctors medical excuse note or return to work doctor’s excuse note is important when returning to work. The doctor’s excuse note must medically allow you to return to work and inform your employer of any special conditions or restrictions you may have to follow when you return to work. Your employer may not violate any of the restrictions or special return to work conditions stated in the doctor’s excuse note. Your employer could be he held liable if you were to be injured or your current injury became worsened as a result of your employer violating or not allowing you to follow the special conditions or restrictions listed in the doctor’s medical excuse. A doctors excuse note is a legal document. As with all legal documents they are to be honored and respected as such.

  • Medical Authorization for Minors
  • The medical authorization for minors document allows a parent to provide written authorization for another parent or responsible party to seek medical treatment for their child in their absence. The authorization will allow you to name multiple children, the person with authority over your children, and an alternate emergency contact if you, the parent(s), are not available. – You are granting temporary authority of your child(ren) to another person and wish to grant them medical authority over your child(ren)

    – You are going on a trip and will not be available to grant medical permission on behalf of your child(ren)

    – You want to name specific treatments which can be authorized by another person in your absence

  • Medical Treatment Authorization for a Minor
  • This authorization is used by a parent to authorize a child care provider, parent, or other responsible person to obtain medical treatment for a child. – You want to grant medical authorization to a person having temporary responsibility for your child.

    – You want to state the amount of authorization and to provide medical and contact information.

    – You or your child are taking a trip or will be separated for some other reason and the person responsible for your child needs authority to seek medical treatment.

    This web site is designed to give you general information. The information on this web site is in no way intended to be legal advice. Legal advice can only be obtained by a licensed attorney who has the appropriate legal skills and knowledge related to your specific circumstances. Medical advice can only be obtained by a licensed physician.

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