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What is Just Ask?

Just Ask! is a public awareness campaign that aims to encourage consumers when eating out to look for information on where the food (particularly meat) on their plate comes from and to encourage chefs to provide this information on their menus. With so many fantastic and great value restaurants right on your doorstep, eating out is still on the menu.

How can you get involved?

More and more restaurants are choosing to use freshly sourced ingredients on their menus. ingredients that provide the added reassurance of being produced to the highest standards. If information regarding the origin of meat is not included on the menu, Just Ask! By doing so, you are supporting your restaurant’s fresh meat suppliers.

What should you look for?

A menu can tell you more than simply a dish’s name – it should also tell you where your meat is coming from. As a consumer, you can support the Just Ask! campaign by looking for country of origin and supplier information on menus. If it’s not written on the menu, then Just Ask!

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