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Your English Bulldog is UNIQUE.

Discover How to Protect Your Bulldog

From Potentially Deadly and Costly

From: Jan Oswald

there s an old bulldog saying,

Anyone Who s Ever Owned a Bulldog

Knows What It Means to Love!

And to Suffer Heart Ache and Worry when your Bulldog gets sick

(not to mention the impact on your wallet).

Does that statement sound familiar?

My little bulldog spent months traveling from vet to vet, while I struggled to find cures to her multiple English Bulldog Health Problems . She had so many symptoms and I wanted to know the causes and what the cures were. I didn t just want a temporary fix, which is what I usually got.

I had questions but couldn t get answers – questions like:

  • Why does my english bulldog have so many skin problems?

  • What are all those wheezing and snoring sounds about?

  • Why would she get mange? that sounds gross!

  • Why does she throw up and how can I stop it?

  • What s up with all these English Bulldog Health Problems?

    I thought she was just a dog, like every other dog – boy was I wrong about that!

    Finally I decided I was going to have to find out for myself how to cure my precious bulldog. I read everything on the topic of English Bulldogs: history, breeding defects, genetic modifications, and I found there are several common bulldog health problems that are not found so frequently in other breeds.

    Don t expect a bulldog breeder to tell you what little bulldog quirks might arise. They are usually responsible and reputable people, but it doesn t help a sale to list all the known bulldog health problems! And I definitely recommendy you thoroughly reseach breeders before purchasing a dog.

    Regular vets are not trained to look at the larger bulldog health picture and see the relationship between these health symptoms. Bulldogs have some complex problems and I felt there must be some easy solutions and ways to prevent relapses. Pretty soon I was telling the vets what the problems were and how to cure them.

    It s been a long and rocky road to keep my bulldog healthy and she recently died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 12, so what I ve learned has paid off . Did you know the average age a bulldog lives is 8? so I got 50% above average and I loved every single day with her.

    And now I want to help you know what to look for and hopefully prevent a lot of the heartache I went through. I am not saying I know more than a qualitifed vet, but I do know that bulldogs are a breed apart and require specialized bulldog care.

    Today in just a few minutes you can have all the knowledge that has taken me over 15 years to accumulate!

    Ask legal questions

    Your english bulldog puppy will stay

    healthy with proper care his whole life.

    Bulldogs are amazing, wonderful creatures!

    But they don t come with any health guarantees. ..

    In fact, bulldogs are genetic wonders: large head, flat nose, broad shoulders, small hips — how could they even be bred this way?

    Well, it took generations of specialized breeding. And along the way, a whole lot of health problems were bred right into the loveable creatures.

    Ask legal questionsThe overbreeding problem is so severe that Time Magazine did a cover article on it back in 1994 , the year I got Vivy

    An obsessive focus on show-ring looks is crippling, sometimes fatally, America s purebred dogs

    And you can be sure this problem is not getting any better. Flash forward to 2008 with the news that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) will not be covering CRUFTS, the British equivolent of the Westminster Dog Show in New York, because a BBC investigation earlier this year found dogs on show suffer from genetic diseases following years of inbreeding . . .they will only televise the show in 2009 if certain breeds are excluded from participating. Among those breeds is the Bulldog.

    For example, there are orthopedic prohblems with names you never heard of like luxating patella. In The Healthy Bulldog Guide I tell you in plain english what these terms mean and how to spot them and what sort of treatments are available. Click here to read about one orthopedic problem common to bulldogs.

    You know your little bulldog was the cutest thing you d ever seen! They worked their way into your heart immediately. And have stayed there ever since.

    And it s a good thing, because the vet bills can be enormous! respiratory problems, skin problems, eye problems, you name it. The vets say very common in Bulldogs so often you could write a song about it!

    But YOU LOVE THAT DOG! and you have a right to know all that I ve learned the hard way.

    === If you are considering getting a bulldog puppy, you definitely should read this guide, just so you ll know what could happen to your beautiful bulldog. Hopefully your bulldog will never experience any of these things, but just in case he does, you will know what to look for and what to do about it. The information on feeding and how it affects your bulldog is especially useful.

    before anyone owns a bully it should be the law they have to read your book

    You know, there is so much material that I haven t even had time to go through it all. Your book is really helpful and specific. Other bulldog books just have one or two chapters on health issues and none of them are as comprehensive as what you ve put together. Using your book is a lot more reliable than searching on the internet — there s a lot of misinformation out there. It s clear you put a lot of time into this and that you really care about your bulldogs!

    What I love about The Healthy Bulldog is that the focus is strictly on our little (!) companions – and not broad-based information across all dog families that simply does not apply to our dogs. I have learned more about how to care for the ears, tail, and tummy of my bulldog, Pumpkin, in the few days I have had this book than I have learned in the 4 years she has owned me!

    Introducing The Bulldog Health System!

    Ask legal questionsThe First Element of My Bulldog Health System:

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