May 19 2019

Florida when to go / Video

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Florida when to go / Video, REMMONT.COM

Florida when to go

The world is yours.

Go see. Go do. Go travel.

America’s travel professionals since 1979, Go Travel is your source for the most knowledgeable and experienced travel planning.


A Travel Agency you can Trust ———

Founded in 1979, Go Travel is one of the leading privately owned agencies in the US and Canada. Our award winning agents and staff will work diligently to discover your passion and create that dream vacation for you.


A Global Team of Support

With our 8 locations throughout Florida and North Carolina, and over 150 agents on staff, we have the first hand knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the highest quality vacation experience. Whether it is a cruise to the Caribbean, a tour throughout the Mediterranean, or a theme park vacation in Orlando, you can count on our agents to assist you. In addition to the knowledgeable agents on staff, Go Travel also maintains a select group of on-site, in-country tour operators throughout much of Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia. These expert local guides are guaranteed to provide service second to none while you experience some of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world!

Our clients know the importance of traveling in style. And we make that happen.


What we do best

At Go Travel, we offer a wide arrangement of travel services from airfare and tours to luxury cruises and tailor-made vacations. Here’s a bit more about what we love to do!

We are all different. We have different passions, interests and aspirations. especially when it comes to travel. To some, it’s a full-day of sightseeing with an expert historian to some of the most culturally rich ruins and cathedrals in Rome. To some, it’s an afternoon of shopping in the high-end districts of Paris followed by an evening of wining and dining along the Champs-Г‰lysГ©es. And to others, it’s an immersive journey into China with a combination of touring the Great Wall in Beijing, enjoying tea and dim sum with locals in Hong Kong, and exploring ancient China’s wonders aboard a scenic Yangtze River cruise.

At Go Travel, we understand that every travel adventure is personal and excel at matching you with that “wow” experience that you are seeking. This is true for shore excursions during a cruise tour just as it is true for the longer journey. From customizing your schedule to working with our tour operators to curate your ultimate adventure, from mild to wild, we are here to create for you the vacation of your dreams.

Go Travel was founded in Miami in 1979 – a time in which cruising as we know it now was just beginning to take shape. Previously, cruising had been purely destination-oriented, but over the last 40 years, cruising has evolved into an industry full of every option imaginable. The choices for guests are much clearer. Not only do you have a choice of ocean relaxation, arctic adventure, river exploration, and super luxury yachting, but also you have an onboard choice of “let’s dance all night” live bands, great lecturers and education, full steady courses on computing and finances, and culinary experiences with some of the top chefs in the world. You have access to explosive entertainment, extreme expeditions, and the ultimate in luxury. The selection can vary from cruises ships catering to families and children to exclusive small ship journeys and specialty themed itineraries. Our key staff has witnessed this industry growth throughout the years and thus have the expertise and knowledge to match you with that exact cruise experience that’s best for you. With the majority of all major cruise lines being based in Florida, Go Travel’s Florida headquarters location definitely brings advantages giving us close proximity to our cruise line partners for continuous development in terms of education, negotiation, and cooperation. Because of our long history along with these close partnerships with the cruise lines, we have access to the most competitive rates and bonus amenities available. When planning your next cruise with Go Travel, you can be confident that you have the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry creating your ultimate cruise vacation.

Go Travel has been a leader in group travel for nearly 40 years. In that time, group travel has become an increasingly popular way to travel. Whether it may be a family celebration, bachelorette getaway, seminar-at-sea, or entertainment event, traveling as a group is fun, convenient and offers a fantastic opportunity for group members to network, while at the same time, see the world! You may opt for a land adventure, a shipboard journey, or a combination of both land and sea. We handle anything from small family groups to 500+ meeting/entertainment groups during which we can arrange a variety of activities including teambuilding, cocktail parties, meeting facilities, and/or specialty entertainment.

Our close relationships with partners around the globe means that your group has access to special complimentary amenities. Plus, we negotiate the most competitive rates on your behalf, so you can rest assured your guests are receiving the best possible value. Furthermore, when organizing a group, the booking process can be extremely time consuming when you need to collect from each of your friends and family their individual information and preferences. Instead, let Go Travel manage the details of your next group trip while you focus on enjoying your memorable group getaway.

Business travel planning requires expert knowledge in the complexities of organizing seamless travel arrangements while adhering to company guidelines and policies. When traveling for business, that personal touch is indispensable. Clients delaying a contract signing date. it happens. Flights being cancelled due to poor weather. it happens. But having a knowledgeable agent continuously monitoring your itinerary and making the necessary changes before you know there is even an issue. simply a smart decision. Let our team take all the worry out of your corporate travel. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses, our dedicated agents can provide not only their specialized expertise, but also the benefit of Go Travel’s global negotiating strength to offer your business the most competitive rates and most favorable amenities. With policy compliance and business travel cost being major priorities, we can provide your company with customized reports to streamline your company’s travel spend analysis. At Go Travel, we are passionate about delivering personalized and unparalleled travel planning while simultaneously maximizing your travel cost savings.

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