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Nanny interview questions

If you are a qualified Child Care Provider, have met all of the requirements below and would like to register your details with us, please complete the form below and one of our consultants will be in touch to arrange an interview:

  • » Must have a valid Drivers License
  • » Must have an Australian Tax File Number or current relevant Visa
  • » Must have a working with Children’s License (form available from Australia Post Offices)
  • » Must have a National Police Clearance (form and details available from Australia Post Offices)
  • » Nannies must have at least 1-2 years Nanny Experience
  • » Babysitters must have at least 1 year Babysitting Experience

Favourable, but not essential:

  • » Be a registered Carer through Centrelink
  • » Senior First Aid Accreditation

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What kind of Clients do you have at Perth Nanny Network?

Q. What do you parents usually look for in a Nanny/Babysitter?

Q. Who pays me? Perth Nanny Network or the Client?

Q. Can I work for cash?

Q. Do you blacklist Nannies?

Q. What is the advantage of being a Nanny, rather than working in a Childcare Facility?

Q. What if I have no Nanny experience?

Q. What Licenses do I need, if any as a nanny in Perth?

Q. Do I have to be a registered Carer with Centrelink?

Q. How much do I get paid, and do I get to choose my rate?

Q. How long would I expect to be in a job for?

Q. What if I want to plan a holiday or have a holiday planned?

Q. How much can I expect to earn?

Q. Do I get reimbursed petrol if I drive kids using my own vehicle ?

Q. If I am offered the Job but am not 100% sure , can I request to meet with the family again?

Q. Do you take any money from my wages?

Q. Do I have a Nanny Employment Contract?

Q. What happens when I am no longer needed for the family, can you find me another job?

Q. What happens if I work for more than one family, will I pay a higher rate of tax?

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