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“I got a Nikon camera

I love to take a photograph.” – Paul Simon

We have a new camera! That means we are now adding higher-quality, higher-resolution pictures up to 4288X2848.

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We have over 1100 free pictures available in various resolutions up to 4288X2848. Our high resolution images are distributed completely free of charge, and you may use them however you wish. We only ask that if you use our free pictures in a website, please link to us.

We hope our nature pictures will inspire people to conserve wilderness everywhere. Our environment has inherent value to us, not only because it supports our life on this planet, but also because of its extraordinary beauty. We hope to share some of this beauty with you. Enjoy our photos!

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I’d like to take a moment to endorse and recommend the websites of a couple of my friends.

My long-time friend Tom is a real photographer (I still think of myself as an amateur, honestly). He does some nature photography, but mostly specializes in high-end fine art photography – the kind done mostly in black and white with real film. Visit his site at Thomas Carr Fine Art Photography. he has some amazingly awesome photos of a wide variety of subjects.

As for other sources of nature photos, I highly recommend the work of my friend Laura Hardesty. She has two sites, one dedicated to fine art at Fine Art Backgrounds. and another with general stock photos at Free Images. which includes a lot of excellent nature photography.

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