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Plumbing questions

Welcome to the most popular, dynamic plumbing, kitchen and bath discussion, help, and advice forum on the net. Since we started in 1996, we have received over 615,000 written messages (“posts”) in over 175,000 threads from our millions of visitors. Have plumbing questions? Join the ever-growing list of over 50,000 registered users and receive answers and advice from top notch plumbing professionals. (aka is frequented by expert/master plumbers, plumbing manufacturers, kitchen and bath designers, architects, engineers, homeowners and DIY’ers and the like. It is the perfect place to ask questions about all kinds of plumbing issues, from toilets and faucets to pumps and PVC primer and everything in between.

Not only will you find that we are the most popular plumbing advice forum, with the most posts of any plumbing forum on the Net, we pride ourselves on maintaining a positive atmosphere. Our forum rules are simple – please be respectful and stay positive.

Please note: is not the place to ask “where do I buy” plumbing related products or to ask what is a “fair” price for plumbing work. It is also not a place to ask radiant heating, electrical, or general construction type questions. Our site is STRICTLY for the exchange of plumbing, kitchen, bath, toilet, faucet, water, well, septic, drainage, and piping information and NOT for pricing, price quotes, how to operate a plumbing business, or for ethics/legal questions.

If you need to find a plumbing product or part, we suggest you use your search engine or please visit our top sponsor as they have most plumbing products, are very experienced, and provide great service. Please note that posts that ask the plumbing experts where to buy a product generally will be deleted by our volunteer monitors.

We do not confirm any information on this fun site and all views, opinions, advice, suggestions, hints, etc. are to be taken as strictly for entertainment value and not to be relied upon as having any basis in fact. has always been and will always be a free forum. We will never charge you a fee or ask you for money. If you so desire, posting a quick written “thanks” for the help and information offered here is valued and appreciated by all of our members. However, if you would like to express your gratitude in a more tangible form, we suggest you “pay it forward” by giving what you can to the many disaster relief recovery funds managed by the American Red Cross or your favorite charity.

Plumbing questions

please give what you can to the many disaster relief recovery funds

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