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Frequently Asked Data Structure Interview Questions

If you are planning to appear for a data structure interview, then you need to prepare for some important data structure interview questions. Here are some of those important questions explained in detail. You can memorize all of these questions and can clear the data structure interview with good grades.

What is a data structure and which data structure is used for performing recursion?

The data structure is a group of special data elements and all of these special data elements are grouped under one specific name. All these data elements are called as members and are mostly available in different types as well as lengths. The data structure which is used for performing recursion is basically called as stack and works on LIFO principle. LIFO is called as Last in First Out and it helps in returning the function as well as the data.

What is PUSH and POP features in data structures?

Among different data structure interview questions meaning of PUSH and POP is also asked. PUSH is basically data being pushed and then added to the stack, whereas POP involves retrieval of data from the stack. The data which is being retrieved is the top most data.

Some more data structure interview questions

You might be asked about data structure interview questions that include dynamic memory allocation for management of data. It helps in storing simple structured data types and also combines those allocated structured blocks that are separated. Hence opposite structures are formed which are very good for overall data structure management.

You must also remember that the variable declaration also effects the memory allocation. In fact the amount of memory allocation is directly proportional to the variable declaration.

What is a Queue and ad queue?

Well, queue is basically a sequential arrangement of important data and ad queue is a typical double ended queue. The first one that is queue is based on the FIFO principle which means that First in First out and ad queue has elements that can be inserted as well as removed from both the ends. However, both of these operations are necessary for efficient management of data structure.

What do you mean by matrix and algorithm?

Among all data structure interview questions this is one of the most basic questions and it asks about the meaning of the matrix and algorithm. Well matrix is a representation of numbers in the form of rows and columns and algorithm is a step by step process for obtaining the solution of a well defined problem.

When these data structure interview questions are asked, you might be asked about different types of algorithms. There are three types of algorithms in data structure and those are called as iterative algorithm, recursive algorithm and last but not the least is Huffman algorithm. All of these algorithms play an important role in obtaining the optimum solution to any of the well defined problems related to data structure.

Apart from all the above mentioned data structure interview questions there are some more, but these are one of the most important and you must remember them all in order to clear the data structure interview in a safe and easy manner.

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