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Frequently Asked Question

What is Math Quiz?

Math Quiz is online system that allow you to test your skills in mathematics. You can test yourself in one of 4 levels, namely: GCSE mathematics, A-Level mathematics, Foundation for University mathematics and University level mathematics. This means, you can join MathQuiz regardless your age or mathematics background. Tests are carefully prepared by our mathematics team. We used MathML to correctly display mathematical expressions in the browser. System gives instant feedback to the user.

Why should I use Math Quiz?

Using MathQuiz gives you opportunity to prepare for maths exams,whether it is GCSE, A-Level exam or you wish to prepare for any kind of mathematics examination, this is the place to do it.

What browser support math tests?

We recommend Mozilla Firefox, any version. However, any Gecko engine based browser will work as well. Here is list of Gecko engine browsers:

  • SeaMonkey (pretty good one too, all platforms, recommended) –
  • Swiftfox (linux only) –
  • XeroBank (it is Firefox with extra security features) –
  • Camino (designed for MacOS) –
  • K-Meleon –
  • Lunascape –
  • Gnuzilla Icecat (for advanced users) –

Our website supports now every browser, however for best results you should use one of the browsers mentioned above. If you can not see content properly, please contact us and tell us what browser you use.

Why should I register?

If you register with us, which is fast and simple, you will get access to full test. Visitor users (not registered), can see only 5 questions per test. In addition, you will get access to your profile, which store your past tests. This way you can track your math learning progress! On the profile page you can also apply various test settings

How can I be sure my browser is compatible?

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