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Printable Trivia Questions – Easing the Lives of Quizmasters

Geography trivia questions Geography trivia questions Geography trivia questions Designing a trivia quiz from scratch can take up a lot of time.

So that’s where these printable trivia questions come in handy.

Each one of these quizzes has been lovingly researched, and contains 20 questions, with multiple choice answers.

All you need to do is print a quiz – and you’re done.

Throwing a few rounds of trivia is a relaxing way to bring friends together.

  • If you’re entertaining with wine, adding a box of trivia can keep the drinking relaxed.
  • Mixing a few printable trivia questions in with icebreakers helps your guests gel easier.
  • Hosting a quiz night or pub quiz is a great way to pit friends against each other.

Below you’ll find quizzes on a range of topics… anything from chocolate to useless trivia to Chinese dining etiquette.

You can play each separately, or combine to create an eccentric trivia night.

How to play

Team size will vary, depending on the numbers you have. You may want individuals competing separately, or divided into couples or small groups.

Questions can be asked as a straightforward Q A; you ask the question, and players either shout out or write down the answer. You may want to include the multiple choice options with each question, that’s up to you.

Alternatively, players can ring a buzzer to answer or need to run to a bell and ring it to do the same.

Getting people out of their seats can turn a sitdown quiz into a fast action energetic one.

Your sets of printable trivia questions

Please enjoy the following trivia quizzes. For your convenience, I’ve included a downloadable PDF version of the questions within each quiz.

You can open them using Adobe (don’t have that? Download it here – it’s free.) (A new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

  • Word Trivia – Words are cool and this quiz is a fun way to increase your vocabulary. Find out if you’re ponophobic too!
  • Chinese Dining – Chinese table manners are an art form. Discover how you might be telling everyone you’re a beggar with this quiz.
  • Useless Trivia – Find out which US city invented plastic vomit.

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