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Note: As of late 2006, Google Answers isn t accepting new questions. You can still browse and search existing questions and answers. A similar service, Yahoo! Answers, is available at .

Unlike Google Answers, the Yahoo! service is free of charge. Questions are answered by unpaid volunteers who may not have any qualifications or experience.

Having trouble creating a query to find the information you seek? Don t have time to research the topic yourself? Consider asking a reference librarian, an experienced online researcher, or Google Answers, which, for a fee of your choosing, provides assistance from researchers with expertise in online searching.

If your query returns few results or none, there may be a link to Google Answers on the results page. Otherwise, visit .

Reluctant to use Google Answers? Think you can find the information you want if you search a bit longer? If you feel that way, you re not alone. Nevertheless, many people who have asked questions of Google Answers are now fans of the service. Not only does it save them time, but the answers they get are packed with useful information and links. It s a wonderful service that s well worth your checking out, whether you re a novice or an experienced searcher.

Here s how it works:

  • Enter a question.
  • Specify an amount between US$2 and US$200 that you re willing to pay for an answer. Google adds on a US$.50 listing fee, which you are charged regardless of whether your question is answered or not.
  • A Google Answers researcher will search for the information you want and post an answer. The researchers are screened and approved independent contractors who get paid for posting answers to the site.
  • You will be notified via email when any responses are posted to your question, unless you specify in your Google Answers Profile that you would rather not receive status information on your questions.

Before posting your first question, check out Google s tips for getting a better answer to your question. which can be found on the web at

You ll need a Google Answers Account to ask a question. (You can search previous questions and answers without an account.) Provide your email address, a password, and a nickname. (If you already have a Google Account to use with Google Alerts. for instance you ll still need to choose a nickname, specify when Google Answers should send you email, and agree to the Terms of Service for Google Answers.) Your nickname will be shown on every Google Answers question, answer, or comment that you post.

Then enter the topic of your question, your question, the amount between US$2 and US$200 you re willing to pay for an answer, and the category most appropriate for your question. For example:


Enter the topic of your question for our researchers (e.g. Hiking in New Mexico ).

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