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H R Block at Home Offers Ask a Tax Advisor

My team is responsible for the help content in H R Block At Home. As one of my coworkers so succinctly noted, our job is to make sure the help is helpful.

When people ask us questions about their taxes, we answer those questions. But then we do something truly crazy: we add that info to our programs.

H R Block At Home gives you the flexibility to do your taxes when and where it’s convenient for you. But it also gives you a huge pool of help content. So, if you do run into a question, there’s tax expertise at your fingertips.

We listen to user questions that are coming in to Customer Support and Ask a Tax Advisor. We collaborate with customer support, our developers, and our tax experts from The Tax Institute. Then, after we’ve gathered information from all of the experts, we make sure the information is clearly explained on the screens of the program and in our help articles.

I think this process is pretty cool. We’re always tweaking our content and adding new help. And, unlike some other do-it-yourself tax products, our help content comes from tax experts, not other users.

H R Block At Home is always refining, always adding, and always looking for new and better ways to meet your needs. Over the last year, we’ve added in the neighborhood of 3,000 new help articles – all based on your feedback.

So, keep it coming. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and let us know how we can help take the pain out of taxes. We’re listening, and we’re taking action.

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