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Reconciling love and admiration for men who behave badly

How to talk to kids about sexual harassment

A guide to raising good men, by my mom

The right (and wrong) way to apologize

Sexual harassment: How it stands around the globe

World AIDS Day

Her mom kept HIV a secret and her whole family tested positive

Proposed US budget cuts will help HIV flourish

Turning Points

Instagram helped her lose 100 pounds

How the ‘Instagram diet’ works

Top Stories

A man’s tattoo left doctors debating whether to save his life

Police officer adopts homeless mother’s opioid-addicted newborn

Does chicken soup really help fight a cold?

Smartphone addiction could be changing your brain

Puerto Rico adds to hurricane death toll after CNN investigation

The plane with a fully fitted hospital on board

New questions about hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico

Antibiotic resistance: Old problem, new ramifications

Glitter could be bad for the environment

Indian surgeons remove 263 coins, 100 nails from man’s stomach

Mold risk causes Toys “R” Us to recall 6,000 clay craft kits

Marriage linked to lower dementia risk, study finds

Coping with fears of nuclear disaster

Dog bone treats could be deadly, FDA says

Science solves the mystery of the elusive Yeti

Viagra to be available without prescription in UK

Bodybuilding drugs sold online often contain unapproved substances, study says

A doctor who won’t use a computer loses her license to practice medicine

Scarlet fever cases are on the rise, but the reason remains a mystery

Sexual harassment: How it stands around the globe

Woman who killed disabled daughter dies in apparent suicide

How ‘Giving Tuesday’ ushers in the holidays’ charitable spirit

Yes, you can run a half-marathon after knee, back injuries

Signs of ADHD can be different in girls

Vaccines and aid workers arrive by plane in Yemen after blockade

A woman gets a birthday card from her dad, five years after his death

Back to work blues you’re feeling are real, and treatable

Manuka honey may be antibiotic powerhouse

‘Avatar therapy’ aims to help those who hear voices

In case you missed it

Uncooked flour may have E. coli

What one defector’s parasites tell us about North Korea

NFL teams turning to mindfulness

The happiest cities in America

Federal judge strikes down Texas abortion ban

JFK’s assassination aided by his bad back, records show

Philadelphia neurologist admits groping patients

Big Tobacco’s court-ordered ‘corrective’ ads to debut

Baby denied kidney receives transplant

Fighting salt and sugar cravings, with spicy food

Blue whales tend to be right-handed — with one exception

Owning a dog can help you live longer, study shows

Childbirth is killing black women in the US

The benefits for men who ‘marry up’

Nearly half of Americans now have high blood pressure

Bill Gates’ newest mission: Curing Alzheimer’s

Sandy’s Story: 7 years after Alzheimer’s diagnosis, ‘there’s still a good life’

Kratom has ‘deadly risks,’ warns FDA

Panel’s anti-marijuana argument stirs anger

Heart failure tied to meth use rising among veterans, study finds

Three questions, from Tolstoy, for mindful parenting

Why men use masturbation to harass women

‘Most premature’ baby now thriving

Your internal body clock may be able to heal you

Vets combat trauma with therapeutic surfing

6 health concerns for women with HIV

In the News

Health care changes

The most common pre-existing medical conditions

What doctors want from health care reform as latest Congressional effort falters

Mother of disabled child: Cassidy ‘should know better’

After fighting for her daughter’s life, mom fears GOP health care bill

Price out as HHS secretary after private plane scandal

Earlier: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s interview with Tom Price

The 2 senators with late-stage cancer who voted to save Obamacare

John McCain’s maverick moment

Cryptic calls, lip-reading and a thumbs-down: Behind McCain’s dramatic vote

32 million more people would be uninsured under new Senate Obamacare repeal bill

Here’s a (partial) list of all the pre-existing conditions the GOP bill may not cover

Rape and domestic violence could be pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions: Pregnancy, sleep apnea could make you pay more

Health care bill ‘shameful,’ ‘harmful,’ medical groups say

Secretary Tom Price wants to fix US health care

Trump, GOP cutting holes in family health safety nets

New law will restrict women’s access to health care, experts fear

Grieving father: ‘I don’t play Trump songs anymore’

How health care works around the world

Dental coverage may be yanked under GOP health care plan

What’s at stake for older dads?

Medical, science research faces huge cuts under Trump budget

People with chronic conditions nervous about GOP plan

In Kentucky, Medicaid recipients keep close eye on debate

Exercise Nutrition

How much water you should drink — and why

The strange science behind your ‘pumpkin spice’ craving

This diet might prevent dementia

Is granola healthy?

Is coffee healthy?

Should you try a one-month sugar detox?

Is cheese healthy?

Can sitting cancel out the benefits of exercise?

E-Commerce Guide by CNN Underscored

How to tell if you’re wearing the wrong sports bra

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