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HIPAA Compliant Email

How to Enable HIPAA Compliant Email

Last updated March 8, 2017. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Any organization dealing with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed. This of course includes HIPAA compliant email.

Organizations include Covered Entities (anyone who provides treatment, payment and operations in healthcare) and Business Associates (anyone with access to patient information and provides support in treatment, payment or operations). This also includes making sure you have HIPAA compliant email baked in when it comes to your email service provider.

Even subcontractors, or business associates of business associates, must also be in compliance.

What is HIPAA Compliant Email?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule created, for the first time, a set of national standards for the safeguard of certain health information. It allows Covered Entities to disclose PHI to a Business Associate if they receive assurances that the Business Associate will use the information only in the scope of which it was engaged by the Covered Entity.

The HIPAA Security Rule was added to set out what safeguards must be in place to protect electronic PHI (ePHI), which is health information that is held or transferred in electronic form.

In regards to email, this means that covered entities are required to take reasonable steps to protect PHI from their computer and as it s transmitted electronically, all the way to the recipient s inbox.

If you are using a third party to transmit or host PHI, they are required by law to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you. The BAA establishes that certain administrative, physical and technical safeguards are in place.

While there s no certification that makes an email provider achieve HIPAA compliant email status, meeting the requirements set by the HIPAA Privacy Security Rules is the best place to start, along with strong technical security measures to make sure PHI is protected inbox to inbox.

HIPAA Compliance Violations are Increasing

  • Hackers are targeting healthcare. The threat of cyberattacks on healthcare has increased significantly due to the high value of PHI on the black market.
  • HIPAA violations tripled over 10 years. Confirmed HIPAA violations are skyrocketing. Their growth rate over the past 10 years outpaces almost any trend that comes to mind.
  • Stolen laptops continue to result in huge fines. In several instances, a single stolen laptop led to fines in excess of $1,000,000 from HHS.
  • A stolen thumb drive averages $925,000 in HIPAA fines. Since 2012, it costs an average of $925,000 in HIPAA fines for a single stolen thumb drive.
  • Stolen office computers can be subject to fines too. Even a computer that never leaves your office can still be subject to a costly fine due to a HIPAA Privacy Act violation.
  • Unpatched and unsupported software can also lead to fines.

How can you be sure you have HIPAA compliant Email?

In order to make sure your organization has HIPAA compliant email, you need to be sure you have processes and workflows in place to insure your staff is properly trained on HIPAA compliance.

But you also need the right technology to be sure those procedures can be made as efficient as possible.

Popular consumer email providers are NOT compliant:

  • Gmail. By far, one of the most popular email providers in the world, Gmail is not HIPAA compliant. But as we went through in a previous post. you can make Gmail HIPAA compliant with a few extra steps.
  • Yahoo. Another popular email provider, Yahoo is not compliant.
  • GoDaddy. A lot of people use GoDaddy s hosting service and subsequently use GoDaddy s Office 365 product, but not all Office 365 email is created equal.
  • Host Gator. Another popular web hosting provider that offers email hosting and is not HIPAA compliant.

Paubox can help you protect your patients data while providing it to them in a way that s easy to access. We are able to do this because we believe in the term seamless encryption . Seamless encryption is about providing the expected benefit HIPAA compliant email without asking senders or recipients to change behavior.

Seamless encryption, like that used in Paubox s Encrypted Email, reduces the risk of accidentally sending PHI over email. It can be easy to forget to press an encrypt button before pressing send, or simply not realizing there was PHI in an email that was sent. For recipients, it can be a hassle to have to login to a portal or go through extra steps just to view a message.

Paubox s Encrypted Email allows users to write and send emails as normal from a laptop, desktop and mobile devices. Your recipients will be able to view messages and attachments without needing to enter extra passwords, download an app, or login to a portal.

Paubox also integrates with G Suite, Office 365 and other commercial email providers, so you don t have to change your email address. If you don t have a provider yet, Paubox can also host your email address.

Even better, Paubox s HIPAA compliant email solution includes robust SPAM, virus and phishing protection. Phishing scams are still the most common way email gets hacked and continues to lead to HIPAA violations .

Business Associate Agreements are available with all paid accounts, no minimum number of users required.

HIPAA Compliance for Paubox Products

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