How to answer difficult bank teller interview questions? Bank Teller Interview Questions and

How to answer difficult bank teller interview questions?

Ask questions.comMany people dream of working at a bank. But it is not easy to get this job, since virtually anyone can apply for it, which results in an enormous competition in bank teller interviews.

Learning what questions to expect, how to make a good impression on the interviewing panel, and how to flourish in a role play, will significantly improve your chances of succeeding, and signing a coveted job contract.

We will try to help you with your preparation with the content on our website, a website that specializes only in bank teller interviews. Written by Jacob Gates, former interviewer at Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

What will happen in the interview?

You will be inquired about your motivation to become a teller, about your experience with customer service, and about your knowledge of banking products.

In most banks you will have to deal with behavioral questions, and role play exercise, which frightens many job seekers. But do not be worried we will help you to prepare for all stages of your teller interview.

Banks choose the best


Many people want to work in banks, especially as tellers, or personal bankers. Bank managers find themselves in a good position, since they can choose from as huge pool of job candidates. They can afford hunting for talents, and hiring only those people who can sell themselves in an interview. Below you ll find a list of most common questions.

Note: Clicking a question will direct you to a new page where we analyze the question and offer sample answers. However, before going through the questions, we suggest you to read this particular page to the end, so you understand all nuances of bank teller interviews. It would be useless to practice interview answers without having the knowledge of the process in general. Once done, you can return to the questions and read them one by one.

Ask questions.comNot everyone can be a good teller

Your chances to succeed will rise with brilliant answers to the questions from our list, but still, you will have to convince the interviewers about your skills and abilities. They must believe that you meet the following criteria:

  • Good communication skills.
  • Passion for talking to people, a positive attitude and opinion about the others.
  • Ability to uncover the needs and desires of the customers.
  • Ability to sell banking products.
  • Good knowledge of banking products, or at least a strong interest in the field, and ability to learn.
  • Calm, patient, and responsible personality.

Whether you really meet this criteria or not is not decisive. What matters is whether you can convince the interviewers of meeting them, regardless of your true abilities (or lack of them) .

Do interview questions for tellers differ in various banking institutions?

While banks have their own, personalized interview processes, we should not forget that it goes about the same position position of a teller, in each institution. Logically the questions will be similar, regardless of the country, or banking institution you apply at.

On the other hand, some banks have designed special interview processes, in order to stand out from the crowd. Bank of America and Wells Fargo belong to this group. If you apply for a teller position in one of these two institutions, I suggest you having a look at Wells Fargo Interview Guide, or at Bank of America Interview Guide. I wrote both these books. But if you apply for a job in other bank, please continue reading.

Asking questions

Every good job applicant should ask at least one, or two questions, in their interview. To be honest, it is not always possible in a typical interview in a bank. The schedule is often packed (they always interview many applicants on the same day), and the candidates get no chance for discussions with the interviewers. However, if you get a chance to ask questions, for example in your second interview, you should focus on the following areas:

  • Working environment
  • Benefits
  • Recruitment process
  • Banking products

Winning the hearts of the interviewers

Ask questions.comAt the end of the day, interviewers are just men and women, like I and you. If you are able to build relationship with them, you can easily improve your chances of getting a job.

Most applicants for teller positions share the same resume the same education, skills, experience typically not much to brag about. It s not easy to stand out from the crowd, and interviewers may struggle to choose the best candidates for the job.

You should know that personal preferences often matter in similar scenarios. Therefor toy should try creating a good relationship with the interviewers, which will improve your chances of getting the job.

What to say at the end?

Ask questions.comTwenty competitors, behavioral questions, and a role play at the end. It is a tough interview, and you should not underestimate your preparation. I suggest you to check the questions on this website, one by one, and practice the answers. Or, if you prefer more complex approach, you can check our Bank Teller Interview Guide , which shows answers to more questions, role play examples, winning interview strategies, and much more. One way or another, I hope this website will help you to succeed in the interview, and get a teller job. I wish you good luck!

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