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How to facilitate a trivia event in your community

This family event is formatted so that all ages will enjoy participating and will actually assist their older or younger team members with their unique knowledge of all things trivial. Community members choose their own teams of 5 to 8 people, who can range from family members to coworkers to singles groups. From working together on tough questions to joking with other teams, team members bond with each other and other teams to create a fun, stimulating environment filled with friendly competition. Everyone has fun at Trivia Night!

We ve done the prep work so that you don t have to!

Sample forms and question files can be sent to you electronically so that you can more easily adjust them to suit your own needs. The DIY instructions include ideas for adapting things for your library or organization.

Why is all of this great information, including sets of question, available for free?

We re librarians. We like to help people. And also, once we have used a round of questions at our event here in Topeka, we can t re-use it, so we might as well share it!

NOTE: Trivia questions will be emailed directly to the trivia organizer. Please don t post our question sets online. so that we can continue to share and trade them with other trivia groups.

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