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Human Resources Interview Questions and Answers

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One of the most important meetings that you will have in life is the job interview.

The job interview, which can last for a few hours or even a few days, is the short interaction you have with a person who will decide whether you are eligible to be hired by the company.

With the growth and changes in company processes, the interview today is not   based on one single interaction, but an umbrella of interactions with people from different profiles and involved in different processes with the company. Each of these interactions plays a major role in deciding whether you are eligible for the job opportunity in the company.

The most important interaction is the Human Resources Interview and the questions and answers for this interview.

Tips for the Human Resources Interview

The HR, Human Resources Interview is quite different from the other interviews that make a job interview –

1. A behavioral interview: While the other interviews will gauge whether your skills are fitted for the job, the Human Resources Interview is more of a psychological interview or behavioral interview, that strives to find out whether your aptitude, temperament and attitude will gel well with the company and its employees.

2. The questions: Some of the questions may seem ambiguous and even senseless to people who are attending such interviews for the first time. They may give weak answers, or answers to which they haven’t given much thought. Such actions may cost them a job which they might otherwise have obtained as per their qualifications and experience.

3. Weigh your answers before replying: The Human Resources Interview consists of several seemingly simple questions, but which are actually a way of finding out several aspects about you. Therefore, the potential employee and interviewee should weigh his or her  answers before replying to the interviewer.

Sample Human Resources Interview Questions

Here are some of the questions generally asked in a Human Resource Interview:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Tell us about your professional life.

3. What are your short term goals in your professional life?

4. What are your long term goals in professional life?

5. What are your financial expectations from any job in your life?

6. What are your financial expectations from this job?

7. Why have you chosen this career?

8. If not this career, which other career would you have chosen?

Once these types of questions are asked, the Human Resource Department will try to find out more about your attributes and whether you fit the bill for future growth in their company.  Therefore, the questions will veer towards leadership, team building and general managerial questions.

Some of the HR interview questions will be:

1. Have you ever lead any number of individuals in your department?

2. Have you ever assumed leadership on an impromptu basis?

3. Have you ever had differences with your colleagues related to work? If so, how did you clear that up?

4. Did you ever experience colleagues having differences amongst themselves? Did you try to iron out their differences? If so, did you succeed? If not, what do you think is the reason behind your unsuccessful attempt?

These are just some of the questions that you will face during the Human Resources Interview. Remember that these questions are quite important for you in order for you to clinch the deal.

Answering the Human Resource Interview Questions

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