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Self-storage marketing has been catapulted to a whole new level. Long-term sustainability and success requires frequent and creative marketing campaigns encompassing traditional, online and grassroots marketing. Online marketing includes self-storage directories, facility websites, pay-per-click advertising, Yellow Pages, organic searches, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, reservation and payment systems, webinars, blogs, and more. Today’s self-storage managers and owners must be Internet-savvy, putting into practice the technology available at their fingertips, including search-engine optimization, search-engine marketing and third-party referral sites to reach new customers via the Web. They’re building targeted databases for e-mail marketing campaigns, and improving their Yellow Pages ads. Self-storage operators are also embracing grassroots marketing, reaching out to their communities and donating money and space. They’re partnering with e-waste recycling companies to ensure their doing their part for the environment, and helping their local communities be green.

3 Steps to Identifying Your Self-Storage Facility’s Target Market

Although there may be a point in everyone s life when they need self-storage,

Grassroots Marketing for Self-Storage: How to Engage, Connect and Succeed

There s an incredible amount of hype around self-storage marketing right now. People are

Self-Storage Marketing Firm The Storage Group Hires Business-Development Manager

The Storage Group (TSG), an Internet-marketing company serving the self-storage industry, has hired

Google Analytics: Online Tools to Assess the Performance of Your Self-Storage Website

Heard about Google Analytics, but not sure how to start using it for your self-storage business?

England Self-Storage Operator Storage King Sponsors Women’s Rounders League in Shrewsbury

England self-storage operator Storage King is sponsoring the local Shrewsbury Recreational Rounders

5 Things That Will Help Self-Storage Operators Attract Millennial Consumers

When it comes to attracting Millennials to your self-storage facility, there are some clear

Tips to Easily Create and Maintain a Quality Website for Your Self-Storage Business

Are you looking to create a quality website for your self-storage business? Here s how a

Why Pinterest Is Good for Your Self-Storage Business

With 176 million registered users, Pinterest could be the next marketing frontier for self-storage

Self-Storage Operators Invited to Free Online Marketing Summit

Self-storage operators are invited to participate in the Local Business Marketing Summit, a free,

Master These Twitter Do’s and Don’ts to Benefit Your Self-Storage Business

Using Twitter may be simple but leveraging it effectively for your self-storage business can be a

3 Ways to Successfully Engage With Your Self-Storage Business Yelp Profile

Online review sites are a great opportunity for self-storage operators to gather feedback and

Making Friends With Your Self-Storage Competition

In this Time for Action segment from 3 Mile Domination, Jim Ross discusses how

Google Changes and Your Self-Storage Facility’s Mobile Website

Having a mobile-optimized website for your self-storage business has never been more important.

‘DelmarvaLife’ Show Segment Discusses Self-Storage at Delaware Beach Storage Center

Delaware Beach Storage Center in Lewes, Del. used a sponsored segment on local news show

Influencer Marketing Could Be a Self-Storage Referral Program on Steroids

The driving force behind marketing today is the ability to tell a compelling story through the lens

Self-Storage Marketing Firm Linkmedia 360 Hires Account Director

Linkmedia 360, a provider of digital-marketing solutions for the self-storage industry, has hired

E-Mail Marketing for Self-Storage: Advice on Database, Content and More

E-mail marketing is a great tool for reaching potential self-storage tenants and keeping in touch

Lockaway Self-Storage Video Sells Value Proposition With Hip-Hop Jingle

This video from Texas-based self-storage operator Lockaway Storage begins from the customer

Tips for Successful Online Auctions: Photos That Sell Self-Storage Units

Enticing buyers to online self-storage auctions can be tricky because bidders only get a virtual

Self-Storage Operator Storage Quarters Sponsors Shredding Event in Huntington, NY

Storage Quarters, which operates two self-storage facilities in New York, sponsored a community

Business Students Win £1K in Collaboration With UK’s Big Yellow Self Storage

Three students at the University of Sussex School of Business, Management and Economics won

5 Things Self-Storage Operators Should Be Doing on Facebook Now

If you aren t advertising your self-storage business on Facebook, you could be missing a huge

Improve Mobile Search Ranking by Optimizing Your Self-Storage Google My Business Listing

In this latest video segment from 3 Mile Domination, Jim Ross discusses why it s important

3 Marketing Strategies That Can Mean Big Business for a Self-Storage Company

How can you make sure your self-storage facility is the one your targets find and

5 Grassroots Marketing Strategies for Budget-Challenged Self-Storage Operators

Don t let a small budget be an excuse for not marketing. Here are five grassroots strategies

Go Local Interactive Releases Report on Self-Storage Marketing Trends

Go Local Interactive, a digital-marketing agency specializing in self-storage, has released a

5 Creative Ways for Self-Storage Operators to Drive Leads Using Twitter

Are you satisfied with your self-storage company s lead traffic from social media? Check out

5 Steps to Strategizing Your Self-Storage Marketing Budget

No matter the size of your self-storage business, a well-planned marketing budget is essential to

8 Essential Online-Marketing Tips for Self-Storage Operators

Online marketing has changed the way successful companies build their reputation, attract new

Westy Self Storage Sponsors Nautical Mile Running Event in Northport, NY

Westy Self Storage, which operates 15 properties in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, will be a

Using ‘Moneyball’ Methods in Self-Storage to Beat the REITs

Using Moneyball-style sales and marketing strategies, self-storage facility operators

Deflecting the Self-Storage Winter Slump With Marvelous Marketing

Seasonal drop-offs during the wintertime are an issue that almost every self-storage operator

Price Self Storage Video Uses Stock Images, Animation to Promote Value Proposition

This video from California-based Price Self Storage is a good example of how stock images and

Do’s and Don’ts for Building or Updating Your Self-Storage Business Website

Your self-storage business website is likely the first place a prospective customer will discover

5 Tips for Leveraging Yelp to Attract New Self-Storage Tenants

Consumers have become increasingly reliant on online reviews to determine if a business is worthy

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