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The Jeff Foxworthy Show

Season 1:

A delightful blend of easygoing charm and gentle humor, Jeff Foxworthy treats television viewers to a welcome dose of Southern comfort.

The award-winning stand-up comic and best-selling author stars as Jeff Foxworthy—a fictitious offshoot of his own down-home persona—who s a Southern native transplanted to Bloomington, Indiana.

Whether kicking off his shoes at The Hunt Club at Avon, the upscale housing development in which he lives; knocking back a few cups of coffee at Earl s, the local greasy spoon; or trying to keep his head above water at Foxworthy Heating and Air Conditioning, his fledgling business, blue-collar Jeff finds his Midwest surroundings perfect fodder for his witty—and often insightful—observational musings.

Anita Barone stars as Jeff s wife, Karen. a part-time Intensive Care Unit nurse and mother of the couple s gifted seven-year-old son, Matt. played by a very young Haley Joel Osment. Theirs is a functional family, one that provides great grist for Jeff s comedy mill.

A colorful array of supporting characters rounds out the cast, including Anita s college-professor father, who holds Jeff in disdain; her burned-out divorcee best friend; the couple s image-conscious, materialistic neighbor; and Jeff s two-man work force: a problematic pragmatist resistant to change and a naive newcomer adjusting to life on his own.

Season 2:

The second season of this hit half-hour comedy finds Jeff Foxworthy and his family relocating for a job opportunity!

Jeff transplants his delightful blend of easygoing charm, gentle humor and a welcome dose of Southern comfort from Indiana to his home in Georgia.

Jeff s relocation to Georgia and his new job has him working at the loading docks with some macho, no-nonsense boys from the south, including the dim-witted Florus (Neil Giuntoli) and his wise-cracking buddy, Bill (Bill Engvall). providing the perfect fodder for Foxworthy s insightful musings.

Ann Cusack stars as Jeff s wife, Karen, a highly-skilled intensive care nurse whose ability to earn more money than her husband is a constant threat to his fragile ego. Fastidious and more liberal than Jeff, Karen and their two sons, Matt (Haley Joel Osment) and Justin (Jonathan William Lipnicki) provide additional inspiration for Foxworthy s comedic wit. The show s supporting cast includes G.W. Bailey as Jeff s dad, Big Jim. a character based on Foxworthy s real father.

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