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Possible Interview Questions

The following questions are generic questions submitted by students which could be applied to interviewing a person from any religion. I have grouped them under a variety of categories. Many of them are saying the same thing in different ways but that is still helpful for giving you ideas about the great variety of ways to word your questions. I have placed an asterisk (*) by questions which seemed interesting or promising to me. These creative questions seemed to be the type to solicit a thoughtful response from the person being interviewed.

You will also need to create specific questions pertaining to the religion of the person you are going to interview. For example, ‘How does Therevada Buddhism differ from Mahayana Buddhism?’, ‘Does Islam believe women should have a role outside the home?’, ‘How does Christianity view war?’, ‘What is the worst thing a Jew can do, according to Judaism?’ and so on. While you will be learning a great deal about the religion of the person your interview in the process of interviewing them, you should do a good deal of research prior to the interview so that you can ask intelligent questions and so that you can understand the responses of the person you interview.

Questions About How You Came to Believe or Follow Your Religion

Were you brought up in your religion and why did you stay in it, or were you introduced at a later date and why did you choose it?

Were you born into your religion or did you convert? If you converted, why?

Were you brought up in this religion, or is it something your chose on your own?

Was your religion passed on to you by family tradition or is this something you chose for yourself?

Were you raised in this particular faith? If so, do you feel you would have chose it if you weren’t and why?

What led you to the beliefs you are now practicing?

*At what age did you really get into your religion?

*When did you figure out what your religion really was about?

*What drew you to this religion? What kept you faithful?

*How did you become a . What was your reason? Is your family of the same religion?

*How did you come to believe and be a part of your religion? What made you stay with it?

Questions About How Others View Your Religions

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