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All-Time Deal-Killing Questions to Ask on Your Interview

Good questions to ask in an interview

10 Worst Interview Questions to Ask

By John Kador, Monster Contributing Writer

1. How many warnings do you get before you re fired?

The better question is: How many warnings do you get before you re hired? The answer is one. Thanks for providing it.

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions: Closed-ended questions can be answered yes or no and begin with words such as did, have, do, would and are. Open-ended questions usually begin with how, when and who and create opportunities for a conversation and a much richer exchange of information.

  • Avoid Why Questions: Queries starting with why often come off as confrontational and can make the interviewer defensive. Reframe using how.

  • Avoid Long Questions: One point per question, please.

  • Avoid Obvious Questions That Are Easy to Look Up: Otherwise you look lazy.

  • Avoid Leading Questions: Leading questions signal the interviewer that you are looking for a specific answer or are being manipulative.

  • Ask Questions the Interviewer Can Answer: Want to make interviewers defensive and uncomfortable? Ask them questions they don t know the answer to or can t answer because of confidentiality.

  • Get to Yes: Your goal is to end the interview on an affirmation. In fact, the more yeses and statements of agreement you can generate, the better off you will be.

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