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IT Manager Interview Questions Answering IT Manager Interview Questions

Interview is one of the leading procedures that can check the confidence, feasibility, performance and knowledge of the candidates especially those who walk in for interviews in information technology and business sectors. Mangers can easily test the knowledge and mental presence of the interviewee by asking him/her various kinds of questions. This procedure is highly practiced world wide for sorting and selecting the competent candidates for the appropriate jobs. But it has been seen that many of the IT manager doesn’t give importance to the question answer session during interview which results in loss if the competent person.

How to formalize questions

The most importance part that mangers experience before conducting the interviews is the formulation of the appropriate a technical questions besides the personal questions. These questions are of great importance to check out and predict the future capabilities and benefits of the organization. Following steps should be kept in mind while creating queries for the candidates.

  • Question should be double barreled .they should be strait and clear.
  • Keep in mind that expertise of the candidate specifically mentioned in CV.
  • Questions must deliberate the knowledge test of the candidates.
  • Over loaded questions must be avoided.
  • It would be beneficial to avoid the direct questions to the candidate this would prevent the critical situations during interviews.
  • Always consider the relevant work experience that candidate have mentioned.

Sample questions

Here are some sample questions that It manger must ask before selecting the employees for the jobs.

  1. How would you summarize your SWAT ANALYSIS?
  2. What kinds of benefits do you think you can offer to our organization?
  3. How have you contributed in increasing the revenues of the previous company you have worked with?
  4. Why would you recommend yourself for this position?
  5. What is your experience regarding LAN, system information and hardware?
  6. Can you convince the vendors offering computers at high prices if yes then how would you proceed? Explain?
  7. How would you rate the customer satisfaction?
  8. What kinds of reports you have created in your previous jobs or what is the importance of the monthly report?
  9. Do you think that polices of the companies are of foremost important for you?
  10. What kind o financial benefit do you predict for yourself?
  11. What you would consider first while crating cost and budgeting plans for the coming month?
  12. Explain with the example when you had to work in evenings and weekends?
  13. Can you work under pressure?
  14. Have you ever been a team player? If yes then what was your role provide an instance.
  15. What is more important for you among job environment or salary?
  16. Suppose you are manager .how would you open the interview for selecting the candidate as a technician?

How to answer the IT manger’s questions.

Before going for interview all the candidates must prepare for the basic questions according to the positions they have applied for. For this there is hundreds of helping articles present on web which can help you in preparing for answering the questions. Following are some guidelines for preparing.

  • You must know the names of the LANs, servers and famous IT vendors.
  • Remind the questions that you were asked in interview for the previous jobs and evaluate you accordingly.
  • If you are going for IT manager job then you must posse yourself and answer according to the level of seniority over the other staff.
  • Review basic budget planning activities.
  • Measure your performance.
  • Learn and yarn the examples that you can quote during the interview in your favor.
  • Explicitly explain your expertise according to the situation
  • Highlight some of your achievements.

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