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Comment by adderx99

Pic of jeeves as of the ptr:

it looks exactly like the steam-powered auctioneer, in Dalaran. Only Jeeves matches in size with the scrapbot construction kit.

He sells the top level regents, along with frostbite bullets and terrorshaft arrows. He does not sell any poisons or food/water.

I can confirm the pattern drops off the mechanicals in Northrend. I skinned it off one of the mechanical librarians in storm peaks. I would guess that the drop rate is fairly high. I killed about 45.

One nice thing is that there is a timer buff on him. When you have him targeted and look at his buffs, you will see a countdown of how long he has before he goes away. The buff is called ‘Pressing Engagement’, and lasts 10 min.

EDIT: it now hovers much like the priest levitation spell, and has orange flame (think the boots from the midsummer festival). hopefully this will make it more noticeable in raids 🙂

Comment by huuren

In my oppinion there should be an engineering only schemetic which puts a vendor/repair bot in the seat of the Mechano-Hog/ Mekgineer’s Chopper so that, while any class can ride and buy the vehical an engineer gets more use out of it.

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