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Automotive questionsWe ve all been there. When we re in the process of buying, selling, insuring, repairing, and even cleaning our cars we can run into situations where we re out of our element and just need to ask a question. Our consultants can help you past these situations with experienced automotive advice.

Maybe you re car shopping and aren t sure about the price or terms you re being quoted. Or your 3 year old daughter s gotten gum embedded into your cars upholstery and how do you get that out? Then again, maybe you re speaking to somebody about a new auto insurance policy and aren t sure what they re telling you sounds correct. It could be anything. Just contact us with your question or call one of our pros.

The only unanswered questions are the ones that never get asked.

Be sure to check out our Automotive Blog for the latest automotive news, tips, tricks, and advice.

Who Are Our Consultants and How Are They Qualified?

Our consultants are industry professionals based in KY or Indiana. Verification qualifications include but are not limited to:

  • State Certifications
  • National Certifications
  • College Degrees
  • Vocational Training Degrees
  • Over 10 Years Experience in respective fields.

Visit One of Our Consultants Today!

Visiting with an automotive consultant is easy. What is your question about? Just scroll down our list and select which consultant that covers your topic. Shoot them an email with your question or call them directly.

Automotive and Motorcycle Insurance Advice

Automotive questionsWondering if your current Auto or Motorcycle insurance policy has you covered? Maybe you just want to know what all of your options are and if there s money to be saved somewhere in the process. Kelly Turton of Family Select Insurance has been in the auto insurance industry for over 30 years and is licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana. Currently he owns and operates Family Select Insurance Agency located on Dutchmans Pkwy. Kelly is on call to answer any auto, motorcycle, or RV insurance related questions that you may have.

Automotive questions

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