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Making Bread By Hand or with a Bread Machine

We have all the info you need to hand-make your own bread. This is a satisfying if often time consuming procedure. We’ll tell you how to make your dough, punch it down, and bake it. We’ll even give you a few ideas on how to eat it. Make the most luscious bread – the old fashioned way!

Get great results making bread with a bread machine. It is definitely less work and can often create bread just as tasty. We will tell you how, with recipes, tips, and troubleshooting FAQS .

All manner of bread recipes. We have compiled and tested recipes to fit all occasions for hand-made home-made bread or for use with a bread machine. You will want to try a few of these.

Making your own flour can be a challenging and time consuming procedure. However, it is highly educational, satisfying, and delicious. The greatest benefit to making your own flour is that you can prepare it the way you like it.

We take our bread-making seriously, and have researched many of the latest bread products that will help to make your bread making experience enjoyable, trouble-free and economical.

Don’t know much about bread history. Well, it can be fun and enlightening. Learn everything you ever wanted to know (and a little bit more) about bread and its place in the universe.

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Need to get in touch with us? You can do so by email – no SPAM please. Any communication with us you do not want made public can be done here.

If you have any questions about bread-making or this site please visit our FAQS page. If you are wondering about something, someone else has likely asked us about it before. And you might just find the answer to a question you didn’t even know you wanted to ask!

e put together a couple of guides to help you choose the right products for your bread making:

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