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Multi-Cloud Management Manage multiple clouds from a single platform with Cloud Application Manager.
  • Cloud Application Manager New A platform to manage any infrastructure, any cloud, any application.
  • Application Lifecycle Management New Modeling, deployment and orchestration for the entire application lifecycle.
  • Managed Services Anywhere New Monitoring and administration services for any infrastructure — physical or cloud.
  • Cloud Optimization New Bring your own cloud, or buy Microsoft Azure Cloud and CenturyLink Cloud through one centralized platform for simplified billing and account management.
  • Infrastructure & Compute Access and control high-performing virtual and physical machines.
  • Servers Create highly-configurable virtual servers and pay only for what you use.
  • Hyperscale High-speed virtual servers with 100% flash storage.
  • Bare Metal Physical servers with the flexibility and control of a virtual machine.
  • CenturyLink Private Node The automation and management of our public cloud, in your own dedicated node.
  • Dedicated Cloud Compute An enterprise-class private cloud solution combining the flexibility of public cloud with the security of dedicated physical servers.
  • Dedicated Cloud Compute Foundation New A private cloud based on VMware’s Cloud Foundation software suite, delivering a completely integrated hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Simple Backup Protect your critical data with configurable, reliable, file-level backup.
  • Disaster Recovery A simple way to reduce the risk of downtime and data loss.
  • Object Storage Store and manage your files in a highly available repository.
  • Block Storage Protect your workload with a flexible storage option.
  • Networking Increased reliability and faster performance in the cloud.
  • Load Balancer Keep applications online and traffic flowing evenly.
  • Firewall Secure your cloud infrastructure with a dedicated, customizable firewall.
  • Direct Connect Establish a fast, low latency connection to our data centers.
  • VPN Create a secure network connection over your public or private network.
  • CDN Improve the user experience of websites and cloud apps.
  • DNS Host and manage your custom DNS zones.
  • Network Exchange New Deploy a secure, private network to enable hybrid IT solutions.
  • Managed Services Save time and increase productivity with management from CenturyLink’s highly-skilled team.
  • Operating Systems Maintenance and management of your Windows Red Hat cloud servers.
  • Active Directory Expert maintenance of your identity and access management.
  • Apache Full management of your Apache websites and cloud applications.
  • Apache Tomcat Ongoing support and maintenance for your Java-based web applications.
  • Backup Managed server backup to the cloud.
  • Big Data New Comprehensive Big Data service with Managed Cloudera and Bare Metal Cloud.
  • Microsoft IIS Deploy and scale your websites and apps with full management from our team.
  • Microsoft SQL Management and maintenance for your SQL server workloads.
  • MySQL Management and maintenance for your MySQL workloads.
  • Application Services Manage and provision faster and more efficiently.
  • Relational DB MySQL-Compatible A MySQL-compatible database as a service instance.
  • Relational DB for Microsoft SQL Beta A MSSQL database as a service instance.
  • Marketplace Deploy partner software from our Cloud Marketplace.
  • Runner Quickly provision, interact with and modify environments.
  • AppFog Create, scale and manage cloud apps.
  • Intrusion Prevention Service Monitor any virtual or physical server’s traffic to block known vulnerabilities.
  • ElasticKube Self-service container management for Kubernetes.
    Platform Services
  • Sub Accounts Create and manage separate accounts within a single hierarchy.
  • Permissions/Roles Select access settings for authorized users.
    • Application Hosting Transform traditional software offering into Software as a Service (SaaS).
    • Business Applications Host your line-of-business applications on CenturyLink Cloud.
    • Content Management Systems Deploy and host your website CMS.
    • Data Analytics Realize critical insights that drive value from your data.
    • Development Test On-demand access to resources and environments to speed up development.
    • DevOps Facilitate and emphasize automation, collaboration, and communication.
    • Enterprise IT Cloud services that are secure, reliable and scalable.
    • Hybrid IT Cloud Integrated and multiple deployment options to create the perfect mix for your business.
    • Internet of Things Build the foundation of your application on a range of infrastructure and software services.
    • System Integrators Build custom solutions, expand your services.
    • Price Estimator Calculate your monthly costs using our price estimator.
    • TCO Calculator Compare CenturyLink’s usage charges to other cloud service providers.
    • Pricing Catalog Our pricing model is simple: pay only for what you use.
    Cloud Reseller Program Become a Reseller and fast-track your ability to offer white-labeled enterprise cloud services.
  • Cloud Reseller Partner Program Offer comprehensive white-labeled cloud services to your customers.
  • Reseller Program Details The key benefits and advantages of our Cloud Reseller Program.
  • Enabling Your Success Our highly optimized reseller program is designed to help partners quickly build a successful cloud business.
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