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Online CPR Certification

*2015 ECC/ILCOR, AHA, OSHA Compliant

Adult, Pediatric Infant

First aid questions

First aid questions

First aid questions

Instantly Print Your Certification/Card

Paramedic Approved Signed

Mailed Wallet Card Included!

Our online CPR classes first aid training follows

the 2015 International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)

Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and basic first aid.

First Aid Training Class

Bloodborne Pathogens Class

*2015 ECC/ILCOR, AHA, OSHA Compliant

Adult, Pediatric Infant

First Aid

First aid questions

Bloodborne Pathogens

First aid questions

First aid questions

Instantly Print Your Certification/Card

Paramedic Approved Signed

Mailed Wallet Card Included!

Course Information:

Combine CPR, First Aid Bloodborne Pathogens Classes Save:

  • CPR First Aid: $32.50
  • CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens: $39.95

Our Services:

Our classes are provided through EMS University, an internationally recognized training center. The student will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of the course which involves a multiple choice test.

Online CPR Classes

are conveinient with EMS University. Our classes have been developed by our team of

EMS Professionals who have extensive experience in performing

First Aid and who can show you exactly what the most effective manners are for providing care.

Our classes include video demonstrations of the skills you may need to use. This is

not just a reading course, it includes multimedia video training that has been used to increase student

competency of the skills in a shorter time when compared with reading only courses. It is more effective for

Our CPR classes and first aid training courses are a convenient way to get certified. With any of our programs you

can instantly print out your proof of certification upon successful completion and we will mail

you a wallet card for free.

Online CPR Recertification

If you are looking for cpr recertification, the process is easy. Simply enter your user information, including first and last

name, pick and pay for your class, and receive instant access. The process is the same as initial certification,

however, it is generally estimated that it will take you half the time to finish because of your familiarity with the course.

Program Training Advantages:

  • Print a wallet sized card and certificate instantly after completion of the course;
  • Cards are signed by our paramedic instructors and are instantly available to print AND mailed to you!
  • No extra charge | no hidden fees for your certification;
  • Nationally accredited business internationally recognized certification;
  • Valid for two (2) years after course completion;
  • Unlimited access – complete at your own pace and review the material after completion;
  • Complete the course exclusively online – no need to attend classes in person;
  • Retake the test as many times as necessary to pass – no extra charge;
  • Continuous availability of courses (access anytime from anywhere);
  • Live chat available for instant answers to your questions;
  • (800) dedicated technical course support line;
  • Email technical support availability;
  • Follows ILCOR 2015 guidelines.
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) University Recognition, Accreditation Mission

    We are authorized to conduct our courses by EMS University which is internationally recognized and accepted for quality

    and committment to student-centered learning and high retention. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, EMS

    University is compliant with 2015 ECC/ILCOR/AHA Guidelines for Basic Life Support (BLS) programs and seeks to increase understanding

    of emergency medical treatment for the general public and healthcare professionals.

    Who Uses Us?

    Each year tens of thousands of people get certified using our programs. We are heavily relied upon to provide corporate solutions

    for a variety of agencies, including child care centers, behavioral health facilities, medical facilities, nurse agencies,

    contruction agencies, schools, etc. For reasons of courtesy and competition, we do not publish these sources. If you would like to

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