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Kids ask

Kids ask

Kids ask

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Kids ask

What s Your Not-So-Super Power?

If you could have any super power what would it be? Flying? Laser vision? Retractable metal claws? For charmingly confident Clara Humble, her newly discovered super powers include: communicating with chinchillas, spilling stuff, waking up [ ]

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Kids ask

Brrr The December Issue is Here!

Hi readers, The December issue of Chirp is ready and it s packed full of WINTER fun! See a Zamboni in action, make a reindeer hat craft, and decorate some snowmen. We hope you like this [ ]

Kids ask

Try A Coin Trick!

Try this cool coin trick on friends! You ll need: an audience 4 coins (nickel, dime, quarter, loonie or penny) a helper a cup with a handle As you look away, ask an audience member to [ ]

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