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Today’s contact management software enables you to track every single interaction with a contact – from first phone calls and initial emails through to closed deals and after-sales service and support. You’ll see every action agreed with a contact and receive reminders and prompts about next steps. Using a cloud-based contact management system such as Salesforce means everybody’s working with the same view of a client, making online collaboration effortless – from desktop, mobile or any Internet-connected device.

While early contact management systems were essentially databases with records of contact names and numbers, everything changed when these databases were merged with sales management software. The next leap forward was Salesforce’s pioneering cloud-based approach, making up-to-date customer information available across teams, platforms and devices. Contacts, records of all interactions, and sales information were combined, showing more detail of customer journeys. Today, with online contact management and CRM integrated in one platform, a single view of the customer journey is possible across channels, from call centres to social media and online communities.

Having the right CRM and contact management system in place is vital for any growing business. Read more about the evolution of contact management to CRM or see Sales Cloud in action:

With the advent of Mobile CRM running in the cloud you can access up-to-date customer information wherever you are. Information can be updated and accessed from a smartphone, tablet or any other web-enabled device. And as customers increasingly choose mobile and social media channels, a contact management system like Salesforce can track this activity to give you new analysis and insight, helping to build a more complete picture of your customer.

Salesforce brings the collaborative potential of a social media platform to contact management. People from across your organisation work on a single, shared customer record: updating, annotating and discussing on a common platform to deliver the best results for both you and your customer. Contact management is more efficient; marketing is more targeted and tactical; and knowledge from many sources feeds into the sales effort, often having a direct result in increased sales and improved conversion rates. Meanwhile, broader analysis is made easier – you can see the effect of marketing campaigns, customer service, and product launches on your customers, helping to plan and adapt new campaigns and tactical marketing efforts.

Experience for yourself how contact management works within Salesforce. Take a Guided Tour of Sales Cloud:

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