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PracticeAdmin helps to make your job easier and improves your cash flow.

PracticeAdmin’s cloud-based medical billing and practice management software is an effective solution for scheduling patients, performing complex medical billing, and reporting on all the areas of your billing services. We also offer accounts receivable software and digital document management software.


“We have been a customer of PracticeAdmin for several years and have really enjoyed the system. It is really easy to use. All of the staff have been very friendly and helpful, and they get back to our issues in a timely manner. I highly recommend this system.”

Office Manager, From Geneva, Al

“They do excellent work and our reimbursement has significantly increased. Their customer support staff have always been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They have become my practice’s most important reimbursement resource.”

Powerful Revenue Cycle Management

PracticeAdmin specializes in revenue cycle management and practice management. We don’t bundle PM with EMR software. Many practices have been sold on the idea that they need a bundled solution, and now they are paying for software they don’t need. PracticeAdmin provides you with a powerful platform that coordinates patient data and claims between PM and EMR systems, helping to keep your profits in your pocket.

Designed for billing managers

We don’t provide medical billing services. We support medical billers in their medical billing business with software that manages and improves the billing services they provide. Our RevenueSuite medical billing software was developed by medical billing professionals to focus on your unique needs. Our solution helps you to get more money for your provider clients.


PracticeAdmin is affordable whether you have one client or hundreds. Our plan has a low start-up cost and pay as you go. We assist you with your migration and implementation as you transition from your current system.

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PracticeAdmin’s cloud-based medical billing and practice management (SaaS) solutions provide billing companies and medical practices with a powerful platform to manage patient data and claims. It integrates with leading EMR and EHR systems and is an efficient and cost effective system for scheduling patients and performing complex medical billing.


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