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Individually wanting to be different than your neighbors will help a house feel more like a home, and Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, suggests several different ways to create this homey feeling. Your freshly stained deck has the ability to enhance your home’s appeal and value by creating a safe space, outside. Colors influence Continued

  • National Painting Week officially lasts from May 19th-29th this year. During this time, professional painters can give back to their communities by helping Sherwin Williams with their selected projects for the year. Sherwin Williams also enlists bloggers, design, and color experts for the epic painting projects during these 11 days. Last Year Last year, Sherwin Continued

  • Painting brings with it a slew of decisions, one of which is what colors to use and how to use them most effectively for the right look in your rooms. Regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial, the overall feeling created by the surrounding colors inside leaves an impact on your visitors. Read Continued

  • There are many options out there in the market for coatings, so how do you know which to use? It’s easy to forget about the importance of your coating all together when starting a home project, so don’t let the daunting task of choosing a good one to allow you to skip it entirely. Go Continued

  • Over 150 years ago, the United States Capitol Dome was constructed of cast iron by the Architects of the Capitol. Now, for the first time since 1960, the current Architect has just completed a full restoration, which has taken place over the course of several years. Why did this symbol of American freedom need to Continued

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