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If you say that something is out of the question, you mean that it cannot be done, and is therefore not worth considering.

You do not use ‘out of the question’ to say that there is no doubt about something. The expression you use is beyond question.


Past participle: questioned


“Ask a silly question and you get a silly answer”

“Ask no questions and hear no lies”



(are there) any questions? ¿(hay) alguna pregunta?

ask yourself this question hágase esta pregunta

what a question to ask! ¡vaya preguntita!

there’s a reward for the painting’s return, no questions asked se ofrece una recompensa sin preguntas por la devolución del cuadro

ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies más vale que no me preguntes

“why didn’t you appoint him a year ago?” – “good question” -¿por qué no lo nombraste hace un año? -buena pregunta or -eso me pregunto yo

the 64,000 dollar question la pregunta del millón

this raises the question of her suitability esto plantea la cuestión de si es la persona adecuada

it’s only a question of time before he finds out sólo es cuestión de tiempo que se entere

there can be no question of your resigning su dimisión no se puede admitir

an interest rate cut is out of the question un recorte de los tipos de interés es imposible

there is no question about it no cabe la menor duda de esto

as a manager, her ability is beyond question como directora, su capacidad está fuera de toda duda

my integrity has been brought or called into question mi integridad se ha puesto en duda

your professional ability is not in question no es tu capacidad como profesional lo que se pone en duda

his findings pose questions about the future of these drugs sus descubrimientos hacen que se planteen preguntas sobre el futuro de estas drogas

the question remains (as to) whether he can be trusted la duda or la cuestión sigue siendo si se puede confiar en él

the question remains: how did she escape? la pregunta sigue ahí: ¿cómo escapó?

there is some question as to whether he will sign hay or existen ciertas dudas sobre si firmará

you will be questioned on one of three topics se te harán preguntas sobre uno de tres temas

a suspect is being questioned by police la policía está interrogando a un sospechoso

the minister was questioned about his statement to Parliament se interpeló al ministro sobre su declaración ante el Parlamento

a big question mark hangs over his future se plantea un enorme interrogante sobre su futuro


the question is . la question est de savoir .

to pop the question

She was wondering when he would pop the question Elle se demandait quand il allait la demander en mariage.

There was no question about the diagnosis Le diagnostic ne faisait aucun doute., Il n’y avait aucun doute quant au diagnostic.

there’s some question as to who . on ne sait pas avec certitude qui .

There’s some question as to whether he will sign this resolution On ne sait pas avec certitude s’il va signer la résolution.

to bring sth into question, to call sth into question remettre qch en question

to be open to question (= a matter for discussion) être discutable

Managers’ motives are always going to be open to question Les motivations de la direction seront toujours discutables.

to be beyond question (= unquestionable) ne pas faire l’ombre d’un doute

without question (= undoubtedly) sans conteste

He was our greatest storyteller, without question Il était sans conteste notre plus grand conteur. (= unquestioningly) sans poser de questions

They carried out orders without question Ils ont exécuté les ordres sans poser de questions.

it’s a question of doing il s’agit de faire

there’s no question of his doing it il est hors de question qu’il le fasse

There’s no question of them agreeing Il est hors de question qu’ils se mettent d’accord.

to question whether . (= call into question) contester le fait que .

He questioned whether anybody could run a marathon in less than 2 hours Il a contesté le fait qu’on puisse courir le marathon en moins de 2 heures.





to ask sb a question, put a question to sb fare una domanda a qn

the person/night in question la persona/la notte in questione

it is a question of whether . si tratta di sapere se.

it’s a question of doing . si tratta di fare.

that is not the question non è questo il problema

there is no question of outside help non c’è nessuna possibilità di aiuto esterno

there can be no question of your resigning che lei dia le dimissioni non è nemmeno da prendersi in considerazione

it’s out of the question è fuori discussione

there’s some question of closing the shop c’è chi suggerisce di chiudere il negozio

there is no question about it su questo non c’è (assolutamente) nessun dubbio

to bring or call sth into question mettere in dubbio qc

I question whether it is worthwhile mi domando se ne vale or valga la pena

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