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Questions to Ask a Plumber

How Much Will It Cost?

Many factors will influence the price of your plumbing. Once the plumber determines the problem, ask if he charges hourly or if there is a standard fee. Also, ask how much he charges for parts and for labor and how much for both. You may be able to save money by purchasing your own parts online or in a hardware store. Last, ask if the plumber charges overtime, at what point his hours become overtime, and what his overtime rate is. Follow up by asking if the plumber suspects the job will require overtime hours. Asking these questions will help you to determine the cost of your work with no surprises on the bill.

Can This Part Be Repaired or Does It Have to Be Replaced?

If the plumber notifies you that your problem is a leak or other minor affliction, ask if the problem pipe or part can be repaired or will it need to be replaced entirely. This may save you a substantial amount of money if the problem requires a simple patch up, rather than an overhaul.

Are You Licensed?

Always ask your plumber if he or she is licensed. Licensed plumbers are required to have mathematical, plumbing and drafting skills, as well as the ability to read blueprints and knowledge of local plumbing codes. All of these skills help ensure that you receive quality service, as well as establish accountability if the plumbing services go wrong.

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