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Rock the PHR

Looking for a PHR study guide? You ve come to the right place.

It s time. You ve decided to take the PHR exam, but you have some reservations. I ve got good news for you. Help is on the way (in the form of a PHR certification study guide).

You may be wondering

  • Which study resource should I buy?
  • How long should I study?
  • What will it be like on test day?
  • How can I stay motivated?
  • Can I really do this on my own?

If you ve had any of these thoughts, then Rock the PHR is for you. Get it now for only $24.97 $19.97! Feel free to click the button below to get your own copy (recently updated to incorporate the latest changes from HRCI). But if you d like to know more about what you re in for, then please read on. The video below discusses how the guide came to be, why I created it, who it s for, etc. I also discuss the separate SPHR and PHR Study Course in case that is something that you might find helpful (the study course includes a copy of this PHR study guide).

What this guide will do:

  • Details HRCI standards for each section of the exam
  • Provides links to helpful outside resources
  • Helps to organize your exam strategy
  • Walks you through the exam day process
  • Builds your confidence
  • Makes you a stronger HR professional overall

What this guide won tdo :

  • Empty your wallet (the $19.97 price tag is a steal! )
  • Wash your car
  • Take the exam for you

This unique guide has some great tips and tricks for test strategy, and it also teaches you things that no other PHR study source will. I firmly believe that anyone can Rock the PHR with some guidance and determination. If you are looking for something super-charged to keep you motivated and get your brain in gear, then this is just the thing for you. And even if you don t want the guide, I m still giving away a part of the book for fre e.

What are customers saying?

I signed up to take the exam in just under a month. That day, I found your guide and bought it on the spot. I firmly believe that the reason I passed was because of the tips and strategies I learned in Rock the PHR. This is a must for anyone taking the PHR. -Amy Great stuff! It was interesting to see someone else\ s study technique, and I found several useful tips. Thanks for your time and efforts in helping your HR colleagues get a ‘leg up\ on the exam! -Jeff

And to take it a step further, the guide not only assists you with the exam, but it also helps you to take what you have learned and harness that to better yourself and your HR career. You can do it with these benefits:

  • Instant, secure file download to your computer or mobile device
  • Start studying within minutes
  • Proven tips from certified professionals
  • Unlimited email support

The guide isn t the only thing on the menu here. It also comes with these very helpful bonus items.

  1. Instantly downloadable 50 Question Practice Exam (with answers)
  2. Dozens of tips and tricks from certified pros
  3. More than half a dozen videos on topics to help you prepare

Are you sure this is right for you?

choose your tool

  • We’ll look at the basics of developing a study plan and how to plan around your individual situation. Study Plan Development
  • This guide aligns with the HR Body of Knowledge as distributed by HRCI. Basic HRCI Topic Coverage
  • This tool was developed as a complement to a “full” study resource like HRCP. Pair with “Full” Study System (HRCP, etc.)
  • This guide is available as an instant PDF download for viewing or printing. Rock the PHR eBook Instant Download
  • Keep the motivation going with weekly lessons, practice questions, and connectionsto your HR role. Weekly Lessons via Email
  • Stay on top of your studies with 12 weeks of targeted messages. 12 Weeks of Step by Step Guidance
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