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Sample interview questions and possible answers

There are a few basic questions that all interviewers ask to get to know you as a person and as a potential employee. Knowing what to expect will help to prepare concise and on-topic answers before the time giving you the edge on your way to your dream job.

You as a Person
What are your interests? How do you spend your free time?

Mention hobbies, sports, reading material, family time etc.

Even though this is mentioned on the CV, the interviewer may be trying to make conversation. Steer clear from using the phrase: “It’s in my CV”.

Explain how your qualification has or will aid you in your career aspirations.

Prior to any interview, have a list prepared of your greatest strengths and specific examples that illustrate each attribute. Show how your skills will benefit the company. Valued traits include: achiever, intelligence, positivity, good communicator, dedication and confidence.

Begin by describing yourself in a work situation. Prepare a summary of your work experience, career achievements, educational background and accomplishments or transferable skills relevant to the opportunity.

This is an opportunity to sell yourself as best you can. Your answer should be short and to the point. The employer is looking for evidence that you can do the job.

Indicate your willingness to work overtime when required. Obtain information from the interviewer on their expectations regarding this.

Refrain from using negative reasons and do not speak badly of your previous employer. Align your response with your career aspirations.

The client is seeking assurance that you will be making a long-term commitment to their company. Provide valid reasons for each move in your career.

Researching the company is key. Reply using the company’s attributes as you see them. Indicate your belief that this can provide you with a favourable working environment and that such an atmosphere would encourage your best work.

Respond only with work related answers and your specific contribution. Use structured examples evidencing measurable achievements such as cost and time-savings.

It is important to highlight what makes you stand out. Focus on ideas you initiated that had a favourable impact on your organisation.

Highlight the skills you would like to acquire in this period and ask what opportunities exist within the company.

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